The use of artificial intelligence is no longer a luxury like before, but has become an essential tool that provides you with everything you need, and one of the most important examples of this is ChatGPT, which you can consider as your personal assistant; In addition to the large amount of useful information that it provides you with a single click or an audio recording, in this article we will tell you what are the causes of ChatGPT crashes in the iPhone and how you can overcome this problem.

Chat GPT app in iPhone


Chat GPT crashes on the iPhone

Although the problem of crashing the Chat GPT application is common among iPhone users, the matter is simple, and you can take a set of steps to deal with this crash easily and conveniently, here are the reasons for the Chat GPT crash and how to solve it.

chat GPT not working

Enable all permissions

You should know that Chat GPT needs some permissions to work properly, such as allowing access to the microphone to use the voice input feature, search, Siri, and finally cellular data.

Here's how to enable Chat GPT permissions:

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to Chat GPT.
  3. Open the app and then enable both Microphone, Cellular Data as well as all the options you find Search and Siri.

Chat GPT mobile data

Check the internet

If Chat GPT crashes, it may be that your phone is not connected to the Internet, and your phone must have internet in order for Chat GPT to work properly. This is in the event that you opened the application, and you see a message that there is a problem with your internet connection.

From, the black and white wifi symbol on a white background does not work.

Chat GPT application update

When any strange problem occurs in any application such as a sudden crash or not responding to commands; This may be because the application has not been updated for a long time, or this application had a technical problem that was resolved through the latest update, so I suggest that you make sure to update the Chat GPT application through the following steps:

  1. Choose App Store.
  2. Find the Chat GPT app.
  3. If the word UPDATE or update appears next to this application name, it means that there is an update available for the application, otherwise you will see the word OPEN or open.

Chat GPT update


Your iPhone's storage space

This is not the general rule, but sometimes the full storage space on the phone may result in a delay in response time to commands such as opening applications, so we suggest that in the event of a crash or delay in the Chat GPT response, you can clear the excess files on your iPhone.

Turn off the VPN

There is a lot of difficulty with internet stability and data sync with VPN, so if Chat GPT is down maybe it's because you didn't turn it off VPN before using the app. In addition, after running the Chat GPT application and accomplishing what you want, you can restart the VPN again.

VPN on iPhone

iOS update

It is possible that the problem with Chat GPT crashes is that iOS needs an update or that it needs the security fixes available in the latest update for your device. Follow these steps to make sure your operating system is up to date:

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Choose General.
  3. You will see the option to download or install now if a new update is available for your device.



Does Chat GPT support Arabic?

Yes, you can communicate with Chat GPT in Arabic, and it is worth noting that Chat GPT supports more than 100 languages ​​for communication.

Is Chat GPT supported in Arabic countries?

Yes, you can use Chat GPT in most Arab countries now without any problems or downtime.

Can artificial intelligence be used in Islamic questions?

No, artificial intelligence can only be used in the scientific fields in which it has been trained, and you should beware of using artificial intelligence in Islamic questions. Artificial intelligence has not been trained in this, and we at iPhone Islam have realized this since the beginning of artificial intelligence, and we have made an application of artificial intelligence that relies on trusted Islamic sources. Maybe you should try it.

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