Did you know that I stopped using Google Maps (most of the time) in favor of Apple Maps, and the reason is that Apple Maps is very clear in driving instructions, also differentiates between exits in roads and between lanes, and constantly warns of the correct path that I must take, yes I like maps Google in particular has real-time traffic status that Apple does not support in my country, but Google Maps often leads me to take wrong directions; Because of the lack of clarity in the instructions or the map. Now that we are waiting for iOS 17, there are new features coming in Maps app Apple, it is true that you cannot consider them major or radical changes, but they are additions that solve the problems of the old version, and improve your experience as a user. Follow this article with us, and we will share with you all the new features in the Apple Maps application in iOS 17.

Apple Maps

What are the new features in the Apple Maps application?

At WWDC 2023Apple announced a set of features and additions that will make it easier for you as a user of the Maps application, the most important of which is the ability to keep maps and use them without the Internet, a guide to electric car charging locations, and others, all of which we will explain in the following paragraphs, God willing.


Use Apple Maps without the Internet

  • Sometimes, you may need to visit a place for the first time, and you do not know whether an Internet connection is available or not. Apple took care of this point, and provided you with the advantage of using the Maps application without the Internet.
  • When you upload a map of a specific area; You will be able to keep all information about this place.
  • Not being connected to the Internet will not affect showing directions, just as if you were online.
  • You can download a map of the area you want to visit, and the file size will vary based on the size of the area itself.

Apple Maps offline

Locating electric vehicle charging locations

One of the recent additions to the Apple Maps application is that it will guide you to where electric car charging is available on the road, and I think it is very important for Tesla electric car users.

Apple Maps EV charging

User interface updates

One of the additions that Apple has taken care of in the Maps application is the update of the user interface. You will notice the updates when you activate the turn-by-turn directions feature, windows will appear for you to choose the means that you will use to reach, which are:

  • Driving or driving.
  • Public transportation or Transit.
  • Walking or Walking.

Apple Maps directions

Better control the sound of the Maps application

While using the Apple Maps app, you will be able to control the volume and choose the volume for directions. The volume options are divided into:

  •  Softer sound.
  • Normal or Normal sound.
  • The louder or louder sound.

Apple Maps volume

The Apple Maps application will warn you that the connection services are out

In the event that you chose to take a specific route to reach your destination, and you do not know whether this destination contains stable communication services or not, what is the solution then? Apple has provided you with the perfect solution through the Maps application in the iOS system, and in this case the application will tell you to download a map of the area so that you do not need to use the connection in the first place.


What is the difference between Apple and Google Maps?

  • تقدم Google maps Many features include real-time traffic updates, offline use of maps and Street View, as well as Goggle Assistant that will enable you to operate the app while driving.
  • After the release of the iOS operating system, you will notice that Apple provides all the features found in Google, and even adds features such as the availability of indoor maps for public places such as airports.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

Do you use the Apple Maps application? What do you think of the new additions? Tell us in the comments.



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