If you are wondering how to block unwanted calls on WhatsApp, it has become easy now, as Mita responded to user complaints that they received fraudulent and marketing calls, and the solution to the crisis came by introducing a new feature, which is silencing unknown callers or Silence unknown caller, we will share with you this Article How do you block anonymous calls on WhatsApp?

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What is Silence Unknown Callers?

  • The Silencing Unknown Callers feature blocks all calls from unknown persons in order to increase the protection and privacy of users.
  • When you receive a call from a stranger, your phone will not ring, but it will appear in the list of missed calls you received on WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp's intervention to provide the feature of blocking calls from unknown people came after some hackers used voice calls to hack into people's accounts through spyware.
  • Mita is working on using artificial intelligence in the WhatsApp application to reduce spam and unwanted calls.

Silence unknown callers

How to activate the blocking of anonymous calls on WhatsApp?

  1.  Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the three dots in the top corner.
  3. Click on Settings or Settings.
  4. Choose Privacy or Privacy.
  5. Open the Calls list.
  6. Tap the toggle to enable Silence Unknown Callers.

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Note: The feature will be available to everyone successively. If you do not have the option to call, be sure to update WhatsApp, and wait for several days.

New features coming to WhatsApp

During the year 2023, WhatsApp released some new features in the latest update, here are some of them:

whatsapp new feature

Note: Features will be available to all, respectively

Edit messages after they are sent

WhatsApp has released a new feature through which you can edit the messages you sent if you need to, in addition to that the message will appear to the other person and next to “Modified”, try that by pressing and holding on the message you want to modify and press Modify.

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Chat Lock

The screen lock feature is one of the new WhatsApp methods to increase the protection and privacy of users. The chat lock feature will enable you to lock the chat you want and no one will be able to view it even when they unlock your phone. In addition, all notifications you receive from the locked chat will disappear. Follow the following steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the chat profile section.
  3. Scroll down and tap on the Chat Lock option.
  4. Choose to lock the chat using your fingerprint registered on the iPhone.

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More control over cases

Usually the statuses we want to post are not to the taste of all our contacts, now you can address this issue; WhatsApp has released a feature called Private Audience Selector, or “Private Audience Selector”, through which you will be able to select the people you want to see your status, a window will appear asking you about the target audience for this case, and the last audience you selected will be saved.

Audience feature in WhatsApp

Send video messages

The voice message feature is one of the best features of WhatsApp, as it makes it easier for you to send information much faster and easier than writing, so Meta decided to take advantage of users' love for the voice message feature, and add to them the feature of sending video messages, in order to send what you want visually. It helps to communicate better.

Video record in WhatsApp

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