The Apple Watch is not only for answering calls and messages, but it can help you improve your health in more than one way. In this article, you will find all the health benefits offered by the Apple Watch and how you can benefit from the information it provides to you to improve the health of your body and avoid health problems in the future. God willing.

Health features in the Apple Watch

Apple provided health features to users such as measuring blood oxygen, monitoring the regularity of your sleep, measuring physical fitness and the regularity of your heartbeat, and it is worth noting that these features apparently help in tracking Your health using the iPhone It alerts you if any disturbance occurs in your body.

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Measure the regularity of your sleep

The Apple Watch can determine for you the number of hours you slept the night before, and create sleep schedules for you using the Sleep application, in addition to the availability of sleep tracking features such as:

  • Wake up time.
  • Rapid Eye Movement - REM Sleep.
  • Core sleep.
  • Deep sleep.

Not only that, but the Apple Watch can improve your health by monitoring the regularity of your breathing during the sleep period. In addition to its ability to measure Sleep Apnea, which is breathing disorders during sleep, and then suddenly returns.

Apple Watch sleep foucs


heart rate

  • The Apple Watch will recognize your heart rate, and will provide that information through the Heart Rate app. In addition, it will help you to notify you of any abnormalities in your heart rate per minute.
  • Using the Irregular rhythm feature, your Apple Watch will know if your heart is beating regularly, or if you have atrial fibrillation or AFB.
  • If you're a watchOS 9 user, you'll know how often your heartbeat has been irregular with the AFB History feature.
  • As for the Apple Watch Series 3 and later, it will provide you with all the information that pertains to your health during exercise or running, and measure the amount of oxygen in your blood at that time.

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Follow-up of patients with atrial fibrillation

Apple provides a very important feature for atrial fibrillation patients. The feature is a statement of great interest in the lifestyle of users. In addition to tracking the emergence of symptoms of the disease and providing them with a set of tips about their disease. In addition, patients receive notifications that estimate the duration of their fibrillation over the course of a week while using the Apple Watch.

apple high rate notification


The amount of oxygen in your blood

Through the Health application on the iPhone, you will be able to know the amount of oxygen carried by red blood cells to the lungs. You can get this percentage, but you will need to carry out some instructions such as sitting and holding your arm for a period of no less than 15 seconds, and for your information, these features are available to users of the Apple Watch model Series 6 and later.



Call emergency services in a timely manner

The benefits of the Apple Watch are not limited to measuring and presenting data only. But Apple explained that the Apple Watch Series 4 can call emergency services if you fall and are unresponsive for one minute. In addition, this feature is automatically activated for users over 55 years of age. It can also be turned on for any user through the application settings.

apple watch emergency call


Take your temperature

If you own an Apple Watch Series 8 And Ultra sensors will be able to take your temperature while you sleep. And it is not over, but the Apple Watch will be able to know your normal temperature and alert you in the event of any change in it, in order to treat it quickly and visit the doctor.

Apple Watch temperature phase


The user's medical ID

We all know the importance of Medical ID, and that it is very useful to emergency physicians. Therefore, the Apple Watch will indicate any important information related to your health to the paramedics and doctors in the event that you suffer any health problem. In addition, the medical ID will appear to the paramedics from the lock screen without the need to enter any access code or endanger the patient's privacy.

Apple Watch medical ID

Follow up on medications on time

You can, through the application of medicines available in the Apple Watch or your iPhone, to organize the timing of taking medicines. This happens through alerts that the application sends you with medication appointments. In addition, the application will provide you with information about your regularity in taking medications during the recent period.

Apple Watch medications


Are you taking advantage of the Apple Watch's health features? Will it affect your life?



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