Recently, the Mita company is striving to add features and develop the WhatsApp application, as during 2023 it released many features that users have been calling for for years, the most important of which is sending images in HD quality. and silencing unknown callers And others, a while ago Mita introduced the feature of WhatsApp channels. Follow along with us and we will share with you all the information about WhatsApp channels and how you can use them?

Whats app feature

What is the advantage of WhatsApp channels?

  • WhatsApp channels provide a one-way way, through which moderators will be able to send updates such as messages, photos, and videos to followers.
  • The important thing here is that the data of all parties is safe, that is, the followers cannot know the number or the profile picture of the channel admin, and the followers cannot view the numbers or profile pictures of other followers.
  • But for example, admins can see your profile name and photo according to your privacy settings.
  • Many channels have appeared during the recent period, and most of them were owned by football clubs such as Real Madrid and Liverpool, in addition to channels belonging to non-profit organizations such as the “World Health Foundation”.
  • If you have the latest version of WhatsApp, you will be able to use the channels with ease.

WhatsApp channel

How can you get the WhatsApp channels feature?

WhatsApp channels are only available with the latest update of the application, so:

  1. Open an app App Store Or App Store.
  2. Find WhatsApp.
  3. Click on the word Update, if you do not find it, you have the latest version of the application.
  4. After updating the version of WhatsApp on your phone, you can now search for the channels you want through the tab that was previously called Status.

WhatsApp channel


What countries are WhatsApp channels available in?

So far, the WhatsApp channels feature is available in Ukraine, Malaysia, Peru, Kenya, and as for the Arab world, the feature is available in Egypt and Morocco so far.

A tweet from WhatsApp announcing the WhatsApp Channels feature

Are WhatsApp channels encrypted?

The channels are not fully encrypted between the moderators and followers, unlike private messages in which the encryption is complete between the two parties, and the justification came from Meta that the moderators have the ability to specify the audience that can follow the channels, and it is possible that fully encrypted channels are available in cases such as affiliate channels for non-profit organisations.

Will your number appear in the WhatsApp channels?

The answer is no. Mita stresses on every occasion the importance of respecting the privacy of followers. The answer is no. With regard to your phone number or profile picture, it will not appear either to followers or to moderators. As for moderators, they have the same privacy conditions, and no one will be able to view the phone number or profile picture. Personal.

What is the difference between groups and channels in WhatsApp?

Each of these features has a purpose other than the other. Here's the difference between them:

  • WhatsApp channels are intended for channel owners and moderators to communicate with followers by sending texts, pictures or video clips.
  • As for communities, they enable those responsible for organizing related groups on topics.
  • The number allowed in the communities is 100 groups in one community, on the contrary, the followers in one channel on WhatsApp are not limited.
  • I see that the channels represent greater benefits, and they can increase your information on a daily basis in the field that you love and are very organized compared to the communities on WhatsApp.

Do you find the WhatsApp channels feature useful, and do you think it is similar to the Telegram channels? What are the channels you want to follow? Tell us in the comments



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