There's only one week left until Tim Cook makes an appearance during Apple's event to unveil the lineup IPhone 15 For this year, as the announcement of the new device approaches, rumors begin to appear and of course no one knows for sure what the company will announce. However, in this article we will learn about 5 rumors that are expected to be seen during the conference announcing the iPhone 15 series.

From, a close-up of the iPhone 11 at sunset.

Faster charging

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One of the big rumors spreading is that the iPhone 15 may be able to charge faster than ever before, as some leaks indicate that the iPhone 15 lineup will support a 35-watt Apple charger, and the iPhone 14 series can charge from zero to 100. % within two hours, but with the iPhone 15 it will charge within about an hour. Of course, you will need to get an Apple charger, which the company will sell in the future for $60.

iPhone 15 Pro will be expensive

From, iPhone 11 pro is available in multiple colors

Many rumors claim that Apple will increase the price of the iPhone 15 Pro models. Instead of the usual price of $999, the iPhone 15 Pro is said to start at $1099 this year, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max may be more expensive. Its price will reach $1299 instead of $1099.

iPhone 15 has the same design as iPhone 14

From, a blue iPhone sitting on a leather seat, 5 rumors expected in the iPhone 15 series.

Many rumors talk about that the iPhone 15 will come with a design similar to the iPhone 14, and some pictures on the Internet show that Apple will change the position of the volume buttons and side buttons only slightly.

 The interactive island is coming for everyone

From, a close-up of the iPhone with 5 rumored features expected in the iPhone 15.

Apple introduced the dynamic island last year, and made it exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, and through it you will be able to use the top of your iPhone instead of the notch to access many different shortcuts and other functions, and apparently, Apple intends to bring this feature to all iPhone 15 models completely.

New model of iPhone

From, two iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones appear on a white background, with five expected iPhone 15 series rumors iPhone 15

There have been countless rumors stating that Apple is working on a new model of the iPhone that will be known as the iPhone 15 Ultra. Some rumors explained that it is an alternative name for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but according to some analysts, the iPhone 15 Ultra will be a separate device, This means that we may see five different iPhone models instead of the four devices we are accustomed to seeing.

 In the end, these were 5 rumors expected to be seen during the iPhone 15 series announcement conference, and there are other rumors that we will definitely see, such as a USB-C port, a titanium frame, and thin edges, in addition to an increase in RAM and support for Wi-Fi 6E technology. Let us wait until the date. The conference is to know everything about the new iPhone, and perhaps Apple will surprise us and reveal new and amazing features.

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