During the conference, the series was unveiled IPhone 15Apple announced a number of products, such as its ninth generation smart watch, the iPhone 15 lineup, its Ultra watch, and the switch to the USB-C port, but as usual, the company did not talk about everything; Therefore, in the following lines, we will learn about 6 things that Apple did not mention during its Wonderlust conference.

iPhone 15 Pro supports Wi-Fi 6E and Thread

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The first iPhone from Apple to support Wi-Fi 6E is the iPhone 15 Pro. This technology allows the device to have better wireless performance and capabilities that allow it to connect to wireless networks at double speeds, as the iPhone can connect to Wi-Fi bands at 6 GHz, which This means lower latency and less interference, and it supports the Thread networking protocol for improved connectivity, integration with smart home gadgets and applications such as Apple TV and HomePod, and control them with ease.

 New Apple adapter

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Apple announced that the iPhone 15 series now works through the USB-C port instead of the Lightning port. Due to EU laws however if you have some Lightning accessories that you still need to use, don't worry because Apple has USB-C to Lightning adapter According to the company, the new adapter allows you to connect Lightning accessories to an iPhone that supports USB-C to provide three main functions: charging, data, and audio, and you can purchase it for $29.

iPhone 15 Pro Max and digital zoom

The new quad lens in the iPhone 15 Pro Max doubles the optical zoom, as the device has the longest optical zoom in any iPhone ever, but that is not all. The iPhone 15 Pro Max has a digital zoom feature that allows you to zoom from 15X. Up to 25X times so you can zoom anything from long distances without a problem.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max gets the HEIF Max format

Until now, users had only three options for taking photos with the iPhone 14 Pro Max: 12-megapixel JPEG, 12-megapixel ProRAW, and 48-megapixel ProRAW.

Since the iPhone 15 does not support the ProRAW format because it is still exclusive to the iPhone Pro, Apple has provided a new option that allows iPhone 15 users to capture large photos through the HEIF Max format, which will also come to iPhone 14 Pro Max users via the system. iOS 17.

With HEIF Max, users can capture 48-megapixel images and save them in a zip file. The size of an image in HEIF Max format is about 5 MB, which means it will take up much less storage space than images in ProRAW format.

More storage space in Apple Watch

Previous versions of the Apple smart watch had a storage space of up to 32 GB, but with the new S9 chip, Apple has doubled the space in its Watch Ultra and the ninth generation, reaching 64 GB. Although the new storage capacity seems like an exaggeration, it is useful for those who want to store music, podcasts, audiobooks, or any other content on their watch and leave their iPhone at home when they go for a run or exercise.

AirPods Pro (XNUMXnd generation) with USB‑C charging

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Apple announced the second generation of AirPods Pro headphones with USB-C charging, making it easy to use just one cable to charge the iPhone 15 series, iPad, Mac, and AirPods. The headphone will enable lossless sound with extremely low response time when paired with Apple Vision. Pro The H₂ chip with wireless audio protocol unlocks powerful lossless 20-bit 48kHz audio with dramatically reduced audio latency.

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