Yesterday, Apple issued a sub-update number 16.6.1 for all its systems on its various devices. This update was issued to address a serious security vulnerability that could allow attackers to install spyware remotely on the device without any intervention from the owner of the iPhone (without sending a link, message, or any Nothing, just knowing the IP number of your Internet connection). Citizen Lab, a group that specializes in spyware research, discovered the vulnerability last week and notified Apple immediately.

From, the 16.6.1 app on a purple background displays the reasons to update your device to iOS 16.6.1 immediately.

This vulnerability is used at the level of governments, meaning that no ordinary hacker can use it, and a lot of money is paid by governments to an NGO company to install the Pegasus spy application on the victim's device, and therefore you must be a person with an important position, so that all this money is paid for espionage You should, so don't worry about this vulnerability, your wife won't be spying on you with it :) Update just to be safe, there are still plenty of groups willing to analyze this vulnerability to try to figure out how to exploit it, which increases the risk of wider attacks.

This vulnerability has already been used in an installation Pegasus spyware Developed by an NGO group, on an iPhone owned by an employee of the civil society organization based in Washington, D.C. Pegasus spyware infects the phone and sends data, including photos, messages, and audio/video recordings.

The important thing is, says Citizen Lab, who discovered the vulnerability , Apple sandbox It can protect users from this latest vulnerability, so if you're at risk of state-backed espionage, it's worth enabling this mode.

To update your device, take the following steps ...


Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update, it will show you that an update is available.

From, Reasons to Update Your Device Immediately to iOS 16.6.1


You can click on Learn more to view the update details


To download the update, you must connect to Wi-Fi and preferably connect your device to the charger, then press the “Download and Install” button.

The passcode entry screen will appear.

You may see the Terms and Conditions screen, accept them.



After the update is finished, the device will restart. After several steps, the update will be completed.

Do you worry about these security holes, especially the fear of their spread? Will you update your device? Tell us in the comments.

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