Was announced iPhone 15 series Which came with improvements to everything, but Apple was very stingy in offering new features, except for some features that are on the fingers of the hand. Among the new features that were widely rumored, Apple announced the Action Button feature, which allows you to customize what it does, including This has the same function as the old key, switching from ring to silent, but Apple has made it exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

The functions performed by the Actions button are similar to those that we customize by clicking on the back of the iPhone once, twice, or three times, but the programming method differs. The button is very easy to program through the settings only. Here's how this button works? What jobs can he do?

The new Actions button on the iPhone 15 Pro

The button is located on the side and can be customized to operate a specific function. The new “Action Button” is similar to the one introduced on the Apple Watch Ultra, which can activate workouts, turn on the flashlight, request help using the siren, and more.

The new action button replaces the single-function switch used to switch between ring and silent, providing additional options, and can be programmed to quickly access different functions such as turning on the camera, turning on the flashlight, starting a voice memo recording, opening a note, subtitles, or switching focus modes , or launch custom shortcuts. You can also customize accessibility options like Magnifier.

Functions performed by the Actions button on the iPhone 15 Pro

The Actions button, by default, switches the iPhone between ringing and silent modes. This function is considered very important; Because it replaces the ring and silent key that Apple has provided on the iPhone since its first release in 2007.

Prolonged touch of the button is accompanied by precise haptic feedback and visual indicators within the dynamic island.

From iPhoneIslam.com, A person holds a phone with a watch, showing the new action button on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Users have the flexibility to customize this button from the settings and customize it to perform different functions, as we mentioned.

Here are all the functions that can be programmed to this button:

From iPhoneIslam.com, A person holds an iPhone with a new action button.

Facilitation of use:
Through the Actions button you can access different accessibility settings, such as VoiceOver, Magnifier, AssitiveTouch, Live Speech, and more.

You can open your favorite app, or launch a shortcut created in or downloaded from the Shortcuts app, such as sending a message, launching a playlist, or controlling smart home devices.

silent mode:
Like the Ring/Silent switch, toggle silent mode on or off, which will mute or unmute ringers and alerts.

Take a photo, selfie, video or portrait with a single tap of the action button.

the Flashlight:
Turn on or off the flashlight on the back of the iPhone.

Activate or deactivate focus mode.

Activate the Magnifier app to use your iPhone camera as a magnifying glass to magnify text or small objects.

Launch the translation app and start a conversation or text translation with a single tap of the action button.

Voice Memos:
You can start or stop recording a voice memo using the Voice Memos app.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a black phone with a new action button.

And if you want to make your iPhone silent. Previously, you could do this without looking at the iPhone, and you could do it while it was in your pocket. You can also still do this on the iPhone 15 Pro. Because the mute key is in the same place as before. And if you prefer a physical button, the regular iPhone 15 still comes with it.

When it comes to the Apple Watch Ultra, its action button is larger, painted orange, and easily noticeable. In contrast, the iPhone button is the same size as the previous ring and silent buttons that it replaced, and matches the color of the phone.

The Action button, while subtle, is one of the few visually noticeable changes to the iPhone's exterior in many years, along with the new USB-C port.

What do you think of the new actions button on the iPhone 15 Pro? Tell us in the comments.



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