Clearly, it's a busy week for Apple followers! As it is during Annual event Apple announced that 18/9/2023 is the final release date for the iOS 17 operating system. The iOS 17 operating system has many features: New featuresIn addition to some that solve problems with previous operating system versions. Follow this article with us.

IOS 17

The most important new features in the final version of iOS 17

With the release of iOS 17, you will notice many additions that will greatly facilitate your experience as a user. For example, the improvements came through developing the phone application, recording diaries in the Messages application, and the Standby feature, which will help you display information and images on the screen permanently. We will discuss all of this in the following paragraphs, God willing.

IOS 17

Mobile application development

iOS 17 users will be able to decide how they want to appear to their contacts. In addition, it is now possible to convert voicemail to text in less than a second, and you will also be able to answer the call while the caller is leaving their message for you.


Messages app

For the Messages app, some new stickers have been added, searching has become more efficient. What impressed us was the reassurance feature, which is the ability to message family and friends and automatically notify them that you have arrived at your destination safely.


Standby feature

This feature will enable you to fill the screen, and make it easier for you to read from long distances. The Standby feature may also help you turn your iPhone into a smart watch or display screen. And the matter does not end there, but when you connect the iPhone to the MagSafe charger, and place it horizontally, the time, widgets, and other elements will appear on your phone screen.

From, a clock on a stand next to a window, showing the latest version of iOS 17.

In the next update to the To My Prayer application, you will find support for the StandBy feature, and a number of other new features

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

Share AirTag

Apple always highlights the extent of its concern for the safety of users, as it added the ability to share AirTags with five people, friends and relatives, so that you can follow your items in the Find my application or determine the location. Everyone you've shared your stuff with will also be able to see the location, play audio, and use Pinpoint Find to locate AirTags.


Share passwords

If you are one of those people who forget their passwords, do not worry about this problem from now on. In the final release of iOS 17, you will be able to share passwords with groups. Apple makes the problem easier and more secure by letting you share your passwords and challenge them frequently with trusted contacts. Sharing occurs through the fully encrypted iCloud Keychain. Don't worry, even Apple can't access the passwords you shared.


Share my information feature

Through the Share My Information feature, you will also be able to use the Quick Send feature to share contact information as soon as the two phones are close to each other.


New diary app

  • Through the final version of iOS 17, Apple introduced its new application, which is Diaries. For us, this application is very useful, as it will help you meditate, journal, and capture spur-of-the-moment ideas.
  • But let's also not forget some other improvements, such as the auto-correct and dictation feature, in addition to some improvements related to the Safari browser and sharing passwords with iCloud Keychain.

From, the magazine app appears on a smartphone running the final version of iOS 17.

Which phones will be able to get the final version of iOS 17?

  • If you are a user of the iPhone SE, second generation or later.
  • iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS MAX.
  • iPhone 11 up to iPhone 15.

From, the final version of iOS 17 is compatible with these devices.

From, iOS 17 is compatible with these devices.



Do you find iOS 17 features useful? Were you waiting for something else from Apple? Tell us in the comments

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