Finally, the iOS 17 update has begun to appear for all users. This is the update you have been waiting for, which will provide us with new features for free, break the boredom of the previous system, and improve our experience with the wonderful iOS system. Now it is available for you to upgrade your device to the latest operating system, which carries a version No. 17.

From, a collection of iPhones with different iOS apps, including a complete guide to updating your device to the iOS version

Hey my dear brother, I have been patient a lot. What do you think about taking a moment to slow down and start in the name of God, then read this guide and without hurrying and start the upgrade process?

In the following lines, we will provide you with a complete guide to updating to this version, as you are accustomed to from us previously, and every year, so that it serves as a basic reference for you and helps in making the steps of the update process successful to its end.

From, a message in Arabic appears on your iPhone screen indicating the complete guide to updating your device to iOS 17.

Contents of the guide:

  • Devices that this update applies to
  • What's new in iOS 17
  • Basic notes before updating
  • Basic steps before updating
  • Automatic update steps
  • Manual update steps
  • Questions and answers

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Devices that the update applies to:

iOS 17 will work on the following devices:

From, the Arabic guide to updating your device to iOS 17.

Apple also provided the iOS 16.7 update with the iOS 17 update for people who are not ready for the update currently and for devices that do not support the iOS 17 update.

What's new in iOS 17, according to Apple


  • Contact Stickers allow you to customize your appearance on other people's devices when you call them with a custom sticker


  • iMessage Stickers app brings all your stickers in one place, including Live Stickers, Memoji, Animoji, Emoji Stickers, and third-party sticker packs
  • Live collages can be created by lifting the subject of photos or videos and retouching them with effects such as “Glitter”, “Thick”, “Graphic”, and “Outline”.
  • The reassurance feature automatically tells a family member or friend when you've arrived safely at your destination, and can share useful information with them if you're late
  • Voice message transcription is available for the voice messages you receive, so you can read them immediately and listen to them later
  • Search improvements help you find messages faster by letting you combine search filters like people, keywords, and content types like images or links to find exactly what you're looking for
  • Swipe to reply to the message inline by swiping right on any bubble
  • Scan One-Time Verification Code automatically deletes verification codes from the Messages app after using them through autofill in other apps


  • Leave a video or voice message to capture exactly what you have to say when someone doesn't answer your FaceTime call
  • Enjoy FaceTime calls on Apple TV by using your iPhone as a camera (Apple TV 4K XNUMXnd generation and later)
  • Layered XNUMXD effects for interactions, like hearts, balloons, confetti, and more, appear around you in video calls and can be called up with gestures
  • Video Effects allows you to adjust the studio lighting intensity and Portrait mode

getting ready

  • A full-screen experience that includes quick information like clocks, photos, and widgets designed to be viewed from a distance when iPhone is on its side and being charged in places like your nightstand, kitchen table, or desk
  • The watches are available in a variety of styles, including digital, analog, sun, floating and world, with elements you can customize, such as tone
  • Photos are automatically shuffled to show the best shots, or a specific album of your choice is displayed
  • Widgets allow you to access information from a distance and appear in smart stacks that deliver the right information at the right time
  • Night mode makes clocks, photos, and widgets take on a reddish hue in low-light conditions
  • Preferred view for every charger MagSafe remembers your preferences for every place you charge with MagSafe, whether it's a watch, photos or gadgets


  • Interactive widgets allow you to take actions, such as marking a reminder as complete, directly from the widget by tapping it on the Home screen, Lock screen, or in standby mode.
  • iPhone Widgets on Mac allows you to add widgets from your iPhone to your Mac desktop

Fast transmission

  • The Share My Info feature allows you to exchange contact information with someone new by bringing two iPhones closer together
  • A new way to start a Quick Cast lets you share content or start a Share Play session via Quick Cast by bringing your iPhone closer together


  • Improved autocorrect accuracy makes writing easier by taking advantage of more effective language patterns
  • Easier auto-correction adjustment by placing a temporary line under the corrected words and enabling you to go back to what you originally wrote with one click

Safari and passwords

  • Profiles divide your browsing sessions into topics such as “Work” and “Personal,” separating history, cookies, extensions, tab groups, and favorites.
  • Private browsing improvements include closing private browsing windows when not in use, blocking known trackers from loading, and removing identifying tracking from links
  • Sharing passwords and passkeys allows you to create a set of passwords to share with trusted contacts, and to keep them updated whenever group members make changes.
  • Autofill One-Time Verification Code from Mail Enables autofill in Safari so you can log in without leaving the browser


  • Play Sharing makes it easier for everyone to control and play Apple Music in the car
  • Overlap seamlessly transitions between songs by fading out the currently playing song as the next song enters so the music never stops

Quick broadcast

  • Smart Streaming device list makes it easier to find the right compatible TV or speaker with Fast Streaming, by displaying devices in order of suitability, based on your preferences.
  • Suggested Streaming device connections are proactively shown to you as a notification to make connecting to your favorite Streaming devices more seamless
  • Automatic Streaming device connections are made between iPhone and the most suitable Streaming device, so all you have to do is press Play to start enjoying the content


  • Adaptive Sound introduces a new listening style that dynamically blends Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency to customize the noise control experience based on ambient conditions (AirPods Pro (6nd generation) with firmware version 300AXNUMX or later)
  • Custom Volume adjusts media volume based on your surroundings and listening preferences over time (AirPods Pro (6nd generation) with firmware version 300AXNUMX or later)
  • Conversation Aware reduces media volume and enhances the voices of people in front of the user, all while reducing background noise (AirPods Pro (6nd generation) with firmware version 300AXNUMX or later)
  • Press to mute or unmute the microphone Press the AirPods stem or Digital Crown on AirPods Max during a call (AirPods (6rd generation), AirPods Pro (300st or XNUMXnd generation), or AirPods Max with firmware version XNUMXAXNUMX or later)


  • Offline Maps allows you to select the area you want to reach, search and explore rich information about places to download and use when there is no Wi-Fi or cellular signal on your iPhone.
  • Electric Vehicle Route Finding Improvements Provides you with routes based on real-time EV charger availability for supported chargers

My health

  • Mood meditation allows you to record your momentary feelings and daily moods, choose the factors that have the greatest influence on you, and describe your feelings
  • Interactive charts provide you with analyzes of your mood, how it has changed over time, and factors that may have an impact such as exercise, sleep and mindfulness minutes
  • Mental health assessments help you understand your current level of risk for depression and anxiety, and whether you need to benefit from support
  • Screen Remote feature takes advantage of the True Depth Camera that triggers face recognition to encourage you to increase the distance from which you view your device to reduce eye strain from digital devices, and can help reduce the risk of myopia in children


  • Sensitive content warnings can be enabled to prevent users from unexpectedly showing nudity in Messages, Sends, Contacts stickers in the Phone app, and FaceTime messages
  • Increased communication safety capabilities for children to now detect videos containing nudity, as well as photos that children may receive or try to send in Messages, Quick Send, Contacts stickers in the Phone app, FaceTime messages and the system’s photo picker
  • Improved sharing permissions help you have more control over what you share with apps with a built-in photo picker and Add-Only Calendar permission
  • Link Tracking Protection removes additional information from links shared in Messages, Mail, and Private Browsing in Safari, which some websites use in their links to track you on other websites, and the links continue to work as expected

Facilitation of use

  • Assistive Access extracts essential features from apps and experiences in Phone, FaceTime, Messages, Camera, Photos, and Music, including large text, visual alternatives, and focused selections, to ease cognitive load
  • Live Speech feature allows you to type what you want to say out loud in phone calls, FaceTime calls, and in personal conversations
  • Point and Speak in Discovery Mode in Magnifier uses iPhone to read text aloud on physical items with small text on them, such as keypads on doors and buttons on devices

This release also includes other features and improvements:

  • Pets in the People album in the Photos app highlights people's pets in the album, just like friends or family members
  • The Photo Album widget allows you to select a specific album from the Photos app to appear in the widget
  • Share Items in the Find My app Allows you to share an AirTag or accessory in the Find My network with up to five other people
  • Activity History in the Home app displays a recent history of events for garage doors, door locks, security systems, and touch sensors
  • Scan copies of PDFs and other documents in Notes are presented in full width, which helps make them easier to view and markup
  • New Memoji stickers in the keyboard include a halo, a fake smile, and a sneaky look
  • App shortcuts in the “Top Result” in Finder show you app shortcuts for your next action when searching for an app
  • A new design for the Share tab in the Fitness app offers highlights of your friends' activity like workout progress and rewards
  • Sign in with Email Address or Phone Number Allows you to sign in to your iPhone using any email address or phone number listed in your Apple ID account
  • New drawing tools in the Free Space app include a pen, watercolor brush, ruler, and more to create expressive paintings
  • Improvements For an advantage Discovery Collision

Some features may not be available in all regions or on all Apple devices. 

Highlights of iOS 17

Full screen standby mode is a new experience. All you have to do is flip the iPhone to the horizontal position while charging it to benefit from it more when you put it aside. What is more beneficial than seeing the prayer times always ahead, so the To My Prayer application from day one supports standby mode in iOS 17.

From, A table with an iPhone on standby displayed on it for my prayers.

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

Update directly from the device

Open Settings, then General, then Software Update. It will appear to you that there is a new update, like the following image. Just click on Update Now (requires space, which may reach 6 GB in some devices).

From, the iOS Public TV app appears in Arabic. (Keywords: iOS, Arabic)

If you want the update to be done while you are asleep because the update may take half an hour or more, choose Update Tonight.

Note: If your device is not yet upgraded to the latest version, you can immediately upgrade to iOS 17 and ignore existing upgrades.

Update via iTunes:

The difference between Restore and Update:

Before we start the update, it is necessary to give an overview of the difference between the Restore and Update processes and their actual impact on the iPhone.

Update: It is the process of automatically updating the device without your intervention, as iTunes downloads the update file from the Apple website and updates your device and does not result in any data loss (it is assumed that, but a backup copy must be taken as we mentioned above to ensure that no accidental problems occur).

Restore: It is downloading a completely new version as if you bought the phone again, and some people prefer it when updating, and it is mandatory if you have a jailbreak and want to update.

Sometimes the Update work may not be suitable for those who have a jailbreak in their device or a trial version of the system and it is necessary to choose Restore, but in our experiences the update was done without a problem.

Update steps:


From, A blue arrow points to the music button on an iPhone with iOS 17.

 Connect your device to the computer, open iTunes, press the mobile button, then the Check For Update button - sometimes iTunes will notify you that there is an Update.


A message will appear telling you that there is an update for your device, which is iOS 17, so press Download And Update (maybe an error message appears and the reason will be the pressure on Apple servers)


A message will appear informing you of the new features that have been added in iOS 17, and you can read it, then click Next


A User Agreement message will appear, Agree accept it


Now you will start the process of downloading the file and updating your device, but you should note that the download and update process will take some time.

After the update, you may be asked to enter the password for the cloud "Phone Finder". If you do not remember it, please wait and do not update your device

Manual update:

You can do a manual update by downloading the update file through the following links, depending on the type of your device, as shown:

You can download the system file from here

After that, after the download is complete, connect your device to the computer and then go to iTunes and press the Restore button with the Options button on the Mac or the Restore button with the Shift Shift for Windows and Windows keyboard. (Make sure that the file extension is IPSW and if not, just change the extension manually to IPSW) A window will appear for you to choose the downloaded file and then start the update process for the iPhone.


From, iPhone 11 has a question mark in Arabic.

After updating my device battery is dying quickly

  • This is normal after any update, the system does several tasks in the background and makes some updates, this will last for a day or two, just make sure that your device is charged frequently because this process requires that the device be in the charger.

Will it wipe all my software and device contents if i update

  • No, you have to review the explanation again, there is a difference between Update and Restore, and in the end if you have a backup you can restore everything.

I had a beta version of iOS 17?

  • You can stop beta updates from phone settings, then general, then beta updates, but if you have the latest beta version, which is called RC, it is the version available to everyone today.

From, iOS 17 Public Beta - The complete guide to updating your device to iOS 17.

I can't upgrade I tried everything and the update still doesn't show up, or I'm waiting for an update

  • Just wait a few hours, try shutting down and reopening the device, and make sure you have an internet connection.

If you encounter any problem, you can wait for a few hours and then try again

Tell us about your experience with this new update in the comments

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