Apple announced during its conference IPhone 15 series Which included four models as follows: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, and although the company did not provide powerful updates, it was able to draw everyone’s attention to the USB-C port, and at the same time It itself increased the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, without anyone noticing what happened, and let us learn in the following lines how Apple forced its users to buy the iPhone 15 Pro Max at a higher price without any resistance from them.

From The iPhone 15 sits on top of a pile of money.

iPhone price

From, a close-up of the iPhone 11 at sunset.

The attention of both users and experts is always directed to two important elements when announcing a new iPhone. The first is the new features it will bring, and the second element is about the price of the iPhone and whether it will remain the same or will Apple increase the price.

Over the past years, Apple has been very keen to stabilize the prices of its smartphones. That is why the company sold the iPhone

Apple is afraid of raising prices for iPhone devices because this may cause a decline in sales for the device that brings it billions of dollars annually as the world faces a state of economic recession in addition to the rise in foreign exchange rates and inflation. That is why smartphone shipments around the world declined during the recent period. All of these reasons prevented Apple from increasing iPhone prices.

However, the company decided that it was time to increase the price of only one device in the series, which is the iPhone 15 Pro Max, by $100, bringing it to a price of $1199, compared to the previous version, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which was priced at $1099.

Apple's trick to raise prices

From Apple CEO Tim Cook, wearing a black shirt and glasses, unveils the long-awaited iPhone 15.

The question here is, how could she? Camel Increasing the price of its larger, more powerful device without any problem or criticism from users and even experts. The answer, my dear, is because of the company’s intelligence, as Apple has always excelled in using strategies to market its products and also to increase its sales and even increase the prices of its devices professionally.

The strategy Apple used was so amazing that everyone was fully aware that the prices of the iPhone 15 series had not changed and remained the same, but what many did not notice is that Apple presented us with the iPhone 15 lineup without changing the prices of the three models, while raising The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is by canceling the 128 GB storage space, replacing it with 256 GB storage space.

Thus, you will be forced to buy the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a storage capacity of 256 GB, and this smart strategy allowed Apple to obtain an additional $100 when purchasing the Pro Max model, and you will not think that the matter was just a trick to increase the price, and all that will come to your mind is that The extra price is due to double the storage space.

From, iPhone 11 is shown in different colors.

Finally, Apple may not have announced any increase in the prices of the iPhone 15 series, however, that series will see an increase in price outside of America, where the iPhone 15 Pro will rise by $50 and the price of the Pro Max will rise by $200 in Canada, as well. In India, the price of the Pro Max will rise by about 14%, and in Egypt the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will reach 50000 pounds, and may break the 60000 Egyptian pound barrier, while its price in Saudi Arabia will be approximately 6000 riyals (256 GB).

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