Apple's upcoming conference has just ended, in which it revealed its latest devices from the iPhone 15 family, which is not impressive at all, as well as the launch of a new version of the Apple Watch without anything new of note. If you want a dose of frustration, here is the summary of the Apple conference.

The conference began by showing a pre-recorded video of people saved by Apple technology, whether it be the Apple Watch or the collision detection features on the iPhone. What is wonderful is that among these people there was a Muslim person whom Apple photographed praying in thanks to God.

After that, Apple President Tim Cook appeared and gave a summary of the Mac devices that Apple released this year, and talked about the Vision Pro glasses that were announced in June, and told that the developers are very excited about this new product.

“They are creating amazing experiences and applications that won't be possible on any other platform,” Cook says, adding that development of the glasses is on track for release in early 2024.

Apple Watch 9

The ninth generation Apple Watch has been redesigned from the inside, and the processor has been updated to the S9 version, which has more transistors than the S8 processor and a faster graphics processing unit.

There is also a quad-core neural engine that processes machine learning much faster. This would make dictation using Siri more accurate, and you can now request health inquiries from Siri on the Apple Watch, and this feature will come later this year with system updates.

The new watch also contains a second-generation ultra-wideband chip that improves the feature of finding the iPhone using the Apple Watch. You'll get more precise instructions on which direction to go to find your phone.

In the new generation of Apple Watch there is a new gesture called double tap. You tap your thumb and index finger twice to perform a number of tasks. For example, double clicking can answer calls. It also allows you to control playback and silence alarms. The feature is supported by the S9 processor due to the new Neural Engine, so this feature will not work on older watches. The double-click feature will be launched next month.

The XNUMXth generation Apple Watch will come in pink, starlight, midnight silver, and this is red for the aluminum version. The stainless steel version will come in gold, silver, and graphite.

Apple and the environment

Because Apple had nothing to talk about at this year's conference, they showed a long dramatic video, and this is strange for Apple to make its president Tim Cook act at the conference.

From, Tim Cook discusses the iPhone 15 with a woman in an office.

The video features a character representing Earth and nature played by actress Octavia Spencer, and Apple talking about its environmental efforts.

Lisa Jacon, Apple's vice president of sustainability efforts, then summarizes Apple's progress in achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and reducing the carbon footprint of all Apple products to zero.

Lisa Jacon says Apple will no longer use leather in any of its products, including watch straps, as part of its environmental efforts. Instead a new material called FineWoven was developed.

Apple is using this new material for the first time in the Apple Watch 9. Hermès and Nike are also partnering to make more environmentally friendly watch straps.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple moved to announce the new version of the Watch Ultra, featuring the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

It also has the S9 SiP processor and also gets the same features of the ninth generation Apple Watch, such as Siri without the Internet and dictation using a more accurate Siri. What is amazing about the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is that the screen brightness reaches 3000 nits, and this brightness is the first time that Apple has provided it. This number is huge, and it will make the watch more readable even in the brightest atmosphere.

The most amazing thing that Apple announced is that the maximum brightness of the Apple Ultra 2 screen reaches 3000 nits, and this is thanks to the new advanced screen structure, which is 50 percent more than the first generation and is the brightest screen ever from Apple, as it increases the degree of clarity in... Strong sunlight. The screen brightness can be reduced in dark rooms or early in the morning by just one candle to avoid disturbing people nearby. The flash takes advantage of the new structure of the display, with rotating the Digital Crown temporarily doubling the brightness to better illuminate the road.

There is a new screen interface coming specifically for the Ultra watch called Modular Ultra to take advantage of the new Ultra screen. The night mode in this interface works automatically in the dark thanks to the new ambient light sensor.

The price of the Apple Watch 399th generation starts at $2, and the price of the Apple Watch Ultra 799 is $22. You can pre-order today and the watches will go on sale on September XNUMX.

Apple also announced the Watch SE without any significant update except that it is also environmentally friendly.

IPhone 15

Tim Cook returned again and announced the unveiling of the iPhone 15 family. Then Apple published a quick promotional video showing the 5 colors that the iPhone comes in this year, which are pink, yellow, green, blue and black.

Then the conversation moved to “Kian Drance,” Apple’s vice president of iPhone marketing, who showed that the iPhone had the design of its previous brother, the 14 Pro, in “Dynamic Island.”

Apple also revealed that the iPhone 15 will receive improvements to the iPhone's Super Retina XDR screen that improve its performance.

The maximum screen illumination intensity reaches 1600nits in the case of HDR, while in exceptional circumstances such as the sun, the maximum illumination intensity reaches 2000nits, which is twice the maximum intensity of the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 15 screen comes with ceramic layer protection, and Apple said it is harder than any other phone screen.

Apple stated that the iPhone has become more environmentally friendly as its use of recycled materials has increased.

Moving to the cameras, Apple finally revealed the move to the 48-megapixel camera that we saw in the iPhone 14 Pro last year.

Finally, the iPhone 15 supports 2x optical zoom like any normal phone...

Apple also demonstrated a feature in the 48-megapixel camera with the iPhone, where it merges several photos together to provide you with a 24-megapixel image, but it provides many details.

Advantages of the 12MP secondary camera.

Apple revealed a new generation of portrait technology that has become clearer and shows details better than previous generations.

Apple reviewed several images showing the accuracy and quality of the images.

A photo that brings together new photography features

The iPhone 15 comes with the A16 processor that we saw in the iPhone 14 Pro.

Of course, Apple reviewed the advantages of the A16 compared to the A15, just as it did with the same processors last year.

The iPhone 15 now supports the second generation UWB feature, which now supports a distance of 3 times the previous generation. Which enables you to find things and friends from a greater distance.

Apple has added a feature in calls that enables superior sound isolation, similar to that found in the Apple headset, but it relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning ML.

Apple also revealed that the SOS feature will be available in Spain and Switzerland by the end of this month, bringing the number of countries to 14. It added an exclusive feature in America for satellite rescue.

Apple also announced that it is abandoning the old traditional cable and using modern technologies and the USB-C cable as well, like normal phones.

Apple said that it transferred all its devices to him, such as wired headphones and AirPods.

Also, the MagSafe feature now supports USB-C.

It is worth noting that Apple strangely explained that the cable can charge the phone and transfer data with it. This clarification is not understood; Because it is a normal thing that happens by any cable. But if you don't have anything to say, you'll say anything.

An image of the features of the iPhone 15.

Price of iPhone 15 and 15 Plus

IPhone 15 Pro

Apple revealed the iPhone 15 Pro, which comes with an ultra-strong outer frame made of the famous titanium material.

Apple then showcased the strength and strength of titanium and added a casing that provides superior strength.

As well as light weight, which made the iPhone 15 Pro the lightest “Pro” phone presented by Apple.

Apple demonstrated how it combined aluminum with titanium and glass to provide ultra-thin screen edges as well as superior durability.

New iPhone colors

Apple has developed the famous mute button into a new button called Action Button, like the one available on the Ultra Watch.

The new button can be pressed by long pressing to mute the sound, and by pressing it once to perform several functions.

Such as turning on the camera and subtitles.

Or record audios and other functions including shortcuts.

The iPhone now supports commenting on the stand in the same way as the iPad, and this is not a feature of the iPhone 15, but it will come to other phones with the iOS 17 operating system. Apple would have mentioned it as if it were something special for the iPhone 15.

Apple revealed a completely new processor, which is the most powerful processor in all smart devices in the world, and called it the A17 Pro, which is the first time that Apple has added “Pro” to the name of iPhone processors. Surprisingly, there is no device that works with the A17. Maybe it will be in glasses.

The processor is the first of its kind to come with 3nm manufacturing technology, and this is a technical shift for Apple.

The processor includes 19 billion transistors.

An image of the advantages of the new processor.

The processor comes with USB C support, unlike its previous brother, the A16, which supports USB 2.0, which means... Data transfer speed is 20 times that of its brother, and up to 10 Gbit/s.

An image of the features of the graphics processor, which Apple said is of the “Pro” category and not a traditional graphics processor. This is a picture of the new graphics processor features.

The graphics processor is 20% faster compared to the previous generation.

It is also 4 times faster in Ray graphics technologies.

The processor is capable of performing 35 trillion operations per second

Moving on to the cameras, it also received an important update, as the primary camera comes with 7 internal lenses.

Apple reviewed several photos to illustrate the quality of photography with the iPhone's 48-megapixel camera

The camera provides image processing twice as good as its predecessors in low light.

An image of the features of the 12MP camera of the iPhone 15 Pro.

As for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple provided a 5x zoom with a focal length of 120mm, which is the first time in any phone ever to provide a 120mm lens.

Apple demonstrated how it provided a 120mm lens on the iPhone, by refracting the light several times before it reaches the sensor. Apple explained that this is the first time to introduce the technology in any phone at all, not just the iPhone.

The sensor also adjusts its position more than 10 times per second to obtain the highest quality.

Image of the macro lens.

Apple demonstrated the phone's ability to visualize in various dimensions, from macro to 120mm.

Then Apple returned again to talk about the advantages of providing USB-C at the speed of USB 3, as Apple said that it enables you to transfer ProRAW directly to any external storage capacity or screen.

A collage of the features of the iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro prices

Phone reservation from next Friday.

It will be available in the markets starting the following Friday, September 22.

Apple also revealed storage capacities of 6 and 12 TB in the cloud.

A picture of the iPhone family now and its prices.

Thus, Apple's upcoming conference to unveil the iPhone ended. You can watch the entire conference on YouTube...

What did you like most about the Apple conference? Is there any intention to buy any of the products launched by Apple today?

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