In an update iOS 17Apple has made improvements to the Photos and Camera apps. These updates improve the user experience through some various additions. It is worth noting that the Visual Look Up feature has been expanded to identify a wider range of objects and objects, including unfamiliar symbols that we see in our daily lives. What's more, the Photos app now has the ability to identify and categorize photos of your pets, neatly organizing them into a dedicated album. Here is everything new in the camera and photo applications in the iOS 17 update. We mention it now so that you are aware of every small and large in this update before its official release on the twelfth of this month.

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Get to know the pets

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In addition to people, the ‌Photos‌ app has the ability to recognize specific animals, and this allows for the automatic organization of your pets into custom albums. As a result, the album previously known as People & Pets has been updated to include this expanded functionality.

The pet recognition function works effectively with both cats and dogs. Additionally, Apple has reported significant improvements in people recognition as well.

Visual Look Up

Apple has made significant improvements to the visual search feature, and refers to the functionality that provides users with additional information about the subject captured in the photo. This information can be accessed by clicking the Info button within the Photos app.

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When it comes to images of food, the iPhone has the ability to detect image content and provide recipes collected from the Internet. The iPhone can now recognize a wide range of symbols, from street signs and dashboard icons to laundry instructions on clothing labels. If you take a picture of any of these symbols and then click for information, the iPhone will be able to explain the importance of this and give you important information.

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Additionally, you have the option to use a long press on the image to extract the main object and separate it from the background of the image. This action allows you to search for information about that subject using visual search, as long as your device supports this feature.

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Also, visual search can be used in videos. You can pause a video on any scene and tap the info button to look up details about the content within the video.

Crop the image with one click

When you enlarge a photo in the Photos app, you can tap the “Crop” button in the upper corner to crop the photo without having to open the photo editing interface.

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Changes to the photo interface

In the photo editing interface, the Cancel and Done buttons have been moved to the top of the screen, and all of the tool's icons have text descriptions to explain what it does.

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Adjust camera alignment

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In iOS 17, a new feature was introduced that includes an option to level the subject within the Camera app. This feature includes a horizontal line, which helps users ensure shots are precisely aligned before taking a photo.

QR code updates

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The feature to read QR codes has been built into the Camera app since iOS 11, but in the iOS 17 update, there's an improvement in the way the Camera app handles QR codes. Unlike previous versions where the QR code link appeared in the center of the screen, it now appears at the bottom, making it more convenient to click on. This change addresses an issue with the old interface.

Cinema Mode

Apple introduced a Cinematic API specifically designed for third-party applications. This API allows developers of photo and video applications to embed cinematic video playback and editing functionality within their applications. This means that users will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of cinematic mode when using compatible third-party applications.

Animated stickers

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With the Remove Topic in Photos tool, you have the ability to turn any Live Photo into an animated sticker suitable for use in Messages and various other apps on iOS 17.

To achieve this, all you have to do is press and hold on the subject within the image, then select the “Add Sticker” option. Then, you can incorporate additional effects, such as a white label outline, “bulky” label appearance, glossiness, and many others.

It is important to note that this function is not limited to live photos, as you can also apply it to regular photos if you prefer a still photo.

Screenshot updates

When you take a screenshot on your device, you will notice the Save to Photos option. This feature allows you to save the entire screenshot as images. In previous iOS versions, the default behavior for taking a full-page screenshot was to save it as a PDF. So, the change in iOS 17 is that you can now save these screenshots as regular photos in your Photos app.

What do you think about the features and updates of the photos and the camera in the iOS 17 update, and did you wish to see other features? Tell us in the comments.



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