Every year, Apple releases a new version of iOS with new features and general improvements. However, these latest updates may not always be suitable for all users due to compatibility issues, or they may significantly affect performance, or even you prefer the old update for one reason or another. In this guide, we will show you more than one way to return to the previous version of iOS 17 To iOS 16. Through the program EaseUS MobiXpertIt is a program specifically designed to simplify the process of reverting, or what is known as Downgraded, to an older version of iOS or even upgrading it to a newer version launched by Apple, all of this in a few easy and simple steps and in a few minutes.

From iPhoneIslam.com, How to downgrade from iOS 17 to previous updates.

What to do before rolling back iOS 17 update

Before rolling back from the iOS 17 update to the previous version, it is necessary to take some very important steps, to ensure a smooth transition and protect your data:

Make a backup copy of your iPhone

Data backup is crucial. Before you start downgrading, you should back up your device, including all your apps, settings, messages, photos, and other data, as a safety measure in case any issues arise during the downgrade process.

If you had a previous backup when your device was running an older version of iOS (such as iOS 16 or whatever version you plan to downgrade to), then you will be able to restore your phone to that old state with the same settings you set up.

So you're supposed to have two backups, a current iOS 17 backup, and a backup from the older iOS version, if you already have one. This gives you flexibility and security during the downgrade process. Backups can be done using Finder or iTunes, and if you don't have a backup of the older version, that's okay.

Check storage space

Downgrading to an older version of iOS requires downloading the IPSW file, which is a large file. So make sure you have enough storage space on your PC or Mac to accommodate these files.

Check the status of the iOS system you want to go back to

Before you try to downgrade iOS, it's important to check that Apple still "signs" or officially supports the downgrade you want to go back to. Apple stops supporting older versions, especially after a new update is released.

It is necessary to ensure that Apple still supports the older version, and has not closed the door to downgrading it. If you try to downgrade to an unsigned version, the downgrade will likely fail.

This site tells which version is supported on your Apple device now

Ways to uninstall iOS 17 update without losing data

Although going back to an older iOS version may seem daunting, with the right tools and tips, it becomes clearer and faster. Here we present three strategies for downgrading from the iOS 17 update. Each method has its own unique advantages, allowing you to choose the method that suits you.

🟢The first method is using a program EASEUS MobiXpert

It is a professional program to return from the iOS 17 update to a previous update without the need for a jailbreak or jailbreak. What distinguishes this method is that it is very easy and very fast.

🔵 The second method is using iTunes or Finder

And here you need to look for Online update and download IPSW files, and temporarily disable Find My iPhone feature.

🟠 Downgrade iOS without a computer

This method allows you to return from the iOS 17 update without needing a computer. However, it is necessary to ensure that properly signed IPSW files are used, for this technique to work.

The first method: The fastest way to go back from iOS 17 to a previous version

If you are looking for a quick and uncomplicated way to return from iOS 17 update to the previous version? There is an ideal solution that allows you to return to the previous version efficiently and safely within a few minutes. It is through a program EaseUS MobiXpert, a powerful iOS repair software designed to make downgrading or upgrading your device easy.

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With this software, switching between different iOS versions becomes easy. In addition, it is equipped with other features to enhance your iPhone experience.

Among these prominent features of the program EaseUS MobiXpert, its ability to fix various iOS system problems, such as black screens, iPhone stops working, etc., while keeping your data from being lost.

Key Features of EaseUS MobiXpert

◉ iTunes backup and restore errors become easily resolved.

◉ You can enter recovery mode on your device with just one click.

◉ It is possible to perform a factory reset on your iOS device even without a passcode.

◉ Whether you want to downgrade or upgrade iOS, there's no need to jailbreak when using EaseUS MobiXpert.

Steps to go back from iOS 17 to iOS 16

EaseUS MobiXpert is the best program that makes the process of reverting from iOS 17 to iOS 16 very easy and simple. To do that, you can follow the following steps:

◉ Open EaseUS MobiXpert on your computer, then choose “System Repair”. In the “System Repair” section, click “Upgrade” or “Downgrade iOS.”

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of the iPhone Repair Tool showing how to downgrade from iOS 17 to previous updates.

◉ Connect the iPhone to the computer and choose “iOS/iPadOS Downgrade.” Once your device is connected, please make sure to confirm your device model within the program. After verification, click on the “Next” button.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of the iOS reset screen explaining how to go back from iOS 17 to previous updates.

◉ The program will then prompt you to download the iOS update required to go back to a previous version. Once downloaded, click “Upgrade Now.”

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of a computer screen showing how to downgrade from iOS 17 to previous updates.

◉ Wait for the iOS downgrade process to complete. This may require some time, so make sure that your computer and iPhone remain connected at all times. Once the rollback process is completed successfully, you can simply click “Done” to close the program.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of a phone with a completed download screen showing the iOS 17 downgrade process.

Thus, you can easily downgrade or revert from iOS 17 to a previous version, provided that all settings and steps are implemented accurately, and leave the rest to EaseUS MobiXpert To get the job done for you perfectly.

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