In the week's choices We talked about an application Convertium It is an application that converts currencies and units easily and quickly, and it is the best application for converting different currencies and measurements! It enables you to convert more than 160 currencies and 350 measurement units with one click, and even digital currencies are supported. This app even enables you to save your favorite conversions for quick access in the future. What's best is that the application provides you with the latest exchange rates every half hour, even when there is no Internet connection.

From, Forex Calculator apk free download.

This app will make your life a lot easier, especially if you use transfers frequently.

The offer includes eight other free apps for a year.

From, a screenshot of a free app with icons.

With this offer you will not only get the Convertium app for free, but also eight apps

  1. The Wallpapers Club
  2. Calcularium
  3. Force4Change
  4. Play-ya
  5. ewe
  6. ViRE
  7. RC Lytx
  8. AS Lytx

How to get an app for free for a year?

The company that developed the application contacted us and told us about a wonderful offer they are offering, which is to get all the features of the application for free for a year, and after that a monthly subscription, but you are not bound to it. You can get the free period, after that, cancel the subscription before paying.

just get up Download the app...

‎Convertium: Currency & Units

After that press menu

From, the currency exchange application on iPhone.

Then click on the offer banner at the bottom

From, a screenshot of the Convertium app on iPhone.

After that, the offer to activate it (Redeem) will appear.

From, a screenshot of the Invodo currency converter app.

Confirm the subscription, and you will see that there is a full year free.

From, a screenshot of the double tap button in the invodo one app.

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