Apple released IOS 17.1 update, which provides many new features and improvements that were supposed to be launched with the previous iOS 17.0 update. The updates affected books, music, the App Store, StandBy, lock screen wallpapers, and the wallet. In addition, the Apple Pay Later service, which is an installment purchase service from Apple, is now available to everyone in the Apple Wallet, even on older iOS versions, thanks to the update by Server as of October 24th. Here are the most important features of the iOS 17.1 update.

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AirDrop online when you're out of range

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Starting with the iOS 17 update, when you bring your iPhone close to another device, you can use AirDrop to share things, start a SharePlay session, or even swap contact details using a feature called NameDrop. With the new iOS 17.1 update, AirDrop has a great addition: if you're out of range, online file transfers can still be done without losing quality.

There is no direct way to turn off AirDropping out of band. However, if you do not want to use your mobile data for this purpose, you can turn off “Use Cellular Data” in AirDrop settings. If you do this, you'll need Wi-Fi to continue transfers when you're out of range.

Better control of always-on display in StandBy mode

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In the iOS 17.1 update, the StandBy feature provides better control over the Always On Display feature for the iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max models. Now, instead of just turning the always-on display feature on or off, there is a “Display” menu where you can choose to turn the screen off automatically, after 20 seconds, or not turn it off at all. If set to “Automatically,” the iPhone screen will turn off on its own when it is not being used, and the surroundings will be dark.

Choose an album for your Photo Shuffle background

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If you enjoy Photo Shuffle wallpapers or random images on the lock screen, you can now choose wallpapers from any album in the Photos app, instead of just the default Favorites album. This is an upgrade from previous options that were limited to the People, Pets, Nature, and Cities categories. This new feature makes it much easier than having to select individual images to switch between them.

Background extension (for some images)

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In iOS 17.1, if you choose a background image that is too small for the iPhone screen, iOS will usually stretch it. This may reduce the image quality and make it blurry. But now, there is a new feature called “Extend Wallpaper”. Instead of just stretching the image, this option fills the extra space with a color that matches the image, helping it appear sharper and better on your screen.

Protect the action button in your pocket from random pressing

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Some users may accidentally press the action button when the phone is in their pocket. But with iOS 17.1 update, it has been improved to prevent this. As 9to5Mac reported, the phone uses its proximity sensors to know if the iPhone is in your pocket or not. If the iPhone is in your pocket and you want to press the action button, you have to press longer to activate it. MacRumors added that some actions like camera, flashlight, voice memo, focus, and magnifier won't work if the phone thinks it's in your pocket. However, other features such as silent mode and shortcut will still work normally.

Lamp control from the dynamic island

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Previously, the flashlight status was only displayed and controlled through the dynamic island on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. But with the iOS 17.1 update, this feature is now available on the iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, 15, and 15 Plus as well. Therefore, users of these models can easily turn off the flashlight from the dynamic island without needing the Control Center.

Stream high-quality video in Safari

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Previously, videos on sites like YouTube could only be played at up to 720p quality in Safari and other browsers on iOS. But with the iOS 17.1 update, you can now watch videos in up to 4K (2160p) quality. Interestingly, users can also access this higher resolution in iOS versions 17.0 to 17.0.3 if they enable the Managed Media Source API feature in Safari.

Search the App Store faster

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Apple has finally added a feature to the App Store where you can double-click the “Search” button to quickly start typing in the search box. This makes it easier to reach the top of the screen. Some other apps, including Apple apps like Music and Photos, have had this useful feature for a while.

Black background with Reachability feature

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On some iPhone models with Dynamic Island, when using the Reachability function on iOS 17.1, the top half of the screen turns black. This change was made to prevent the dynamic island from appearing twice, instead displaying a blurry version of the background image.

Screen Time feature is working properly

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Many people have encountered problems with the Screen Time feature since the iOS 16 update. Apple tried to fix it before, but the problem remained, but it was completely fixed in the iOS 17.1 update. And now Screen Time settings are better synced across devices, so the limits and rules you set won't randomly stop working on your child's iPhone.

Changes to the interface of the Books application

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In the iOS 17.1 update, Apple made some modifications to the Books app:

◉ Modification to the name of the “Reading Now” tab, now called “Read Now”.

◉ The “Current” and “Recent” labels have been combined into one label called “Continue.”

◉ Book covers under “Following” are now much smaller and are housed inside a round box containing the title, author, genre, and percentage of completion.

◉ There is a new option in the menu (•••) to “Remove from following” if you decide not to finish the book.

Solve the radiation problem in the iPhone 12

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iPhone 12 models in France will adjust radiation levels when placed on a stable surface. This change comes after tests in France indicated that the iPhone 12 exceeded the levels of radio frequency (RF) energy absorption allowed for the human body.

Apple claims that the iPhone 12 meets general global standards, which does not necessarily test out-of-body scenarios. The French agency, ANFR, however, has a unique testing process that wants devices to remain within limits even when outside the body. Therefore, to meet this requirement, the new update ensures that the iPhone 12 will not boost its power when it detects that it is outside the body, or on a flat surface. Although this may reduce cellular performance in areas with weak signals, most users will likely not see any difference.

What we mentioned were only the most important features that came in the update, in addition to fixes for several problems, patches for security vulnerabilities, and security improvements to the system as a whole.

Have you updated to iOS 17.1? How was the update for you? Tell us in the comments.


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