Apple has made a number of developments in its health application. This is not new for Apple, as it is one of the smartphone companies that most highlights healthcare, whether through the phones or smart watches it produces. In this article, we present to you the new features of the Health application in iOS 17.

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What are the new features in the Health app?

Apple took care to have its health application share in the new update. It has added new features such as mood tracking, tools to help maintain users' eye health, mental health questionnaires, and more.

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Track the user's mood

  • Apple designed this feature to track your mood throughout your day, through notifications that appear to you from the Apple Health app or Apple Watch.

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  • Your mood is recorded through a slider with options (very unhappy - neutral or average - very happy). Moreover, each selection is characterized by a specific color.

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  • This feature will help you make changes in your life by knowing what affects your mood throughout the day.
  • After you record your mood, the app presents you with a list of attributes related to your mood. For example, a very pleasant mood contains (calm - peaceful - surprised - happy). The unpleasant mood consists of (angry - exhausted - I feel stressed - sad).
  • There are also some feelings that express a neutral mood, such as (peaceful - indifferent - satisfied).
  • However, it is not yet possible for you to enter your own description, but you can only use the suggestions that the application offers you.
  • The app then tells you why you're in this mood. Here you can choose between health and fitness, family, friends, partner and dating, weather, money, and current events.

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  • The app will show you a detailed chart of your mood every week, month, six months or year.

How to activate mood tracking

Go to the health application and search for “State of mind”

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Press the start button

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Then, record your first mental state.

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You can then turn on notifications, so you can record your mood on a regular basis.

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eye health

  • One of the new features in Apple's health app is the eye health feature. In simple terms, this feature was added by Apple in order to protect the eyes of users, especially children. Through the Screen Time feature, Apple has added a new setting called Screen Distance, which aims to maintain a safe distance between the user's eyes and the phone or iPad screen.
  • When the phone or iPad is too close to your eyes, you will see a notification that the screen should be moved away from your eyes.
  • Apple also indicated that the safe distance between you and the screen should be no less than an inch. In addition, it provides a guide to users for the correct position of the phone so that they do not suffer from poor vision or eye strain.

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Time In Daylight feature

Apple has introduced a new feature in the Health app, which is to measure the amount of time you spend in daylight. Apple relied on the fact that many medical reports confirmed that spending 80 to 120 minutes in sunlight every day significantly reduces the risk of nearsightedness or farsightedness. So when you pair your iPhone with... Apple WatchIt will tell you how much time you spent in sunlight.

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Improved medication tracking feature

Apple added alarms to remind you to take your medication, so if you don't take your medication within 30 minutes, you will receive another notification so you don't miss your medication appointment. Moreover, if you activate focus or mute mode, this will not work, and you will receive critical alerts that remind you to take medications.

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Health app design

Apple has made some modifications to the design of the Health application, now you have sections such as sleep, heart, and medications. This did not end there, as Apple modified the background colors of the sections, in order to add more visual effects to the data that is displayed in the application. But a large part of the health application remained as we are accustomed to it without changes, and all of the changes came to the colors that only improve the external appearance.

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What do you think of the new features in the Health app? Do you find it useful? Tell us in the comments.



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