From time to time you get up Camel By abandoning a number of its products, and putting them in oblivion as it replaces them with new ones. As the end of this year 2023 approaches, we will take you on a quick tour to learn about some of the accessories and products that Apple will stop producing permanently, and we will not see them from now on. Here are 5 products that Apple got rid of. In 2023.

From, the Apple logo is prominently displayed on a stylish glass wall.

iPhone mini

From I got rid of the blue iPhone sitting in a case on the table.

Apple stopped production of the iPhone 13 Mini in September after announcing the iPhone 15 lineup. This marked the end of the Mini models. The company tried to offer a small size of the iPhone, but the result was not what Apple desired, and sales of the Mini models were disappointing. For hopes; That is why the company decided to limit itself to the iPhone 13 Mini and not offer the iPhone 14 Mini, and now Apple is abandoning the Mini models permanently.

13-inch MacBook Pro

From, MacBook Pro Retina Display vs. MacBook Pro Retina Display vs. MacBook Pro Retina Display vs. MacBook Pro Retina Display. In 2023, Apple releases its latest Macbook Pro lineup

Apple decided to get rid of the 13-inch MacBook Pro that contains the Touch Bar last week, specifically after its event Scary fast The company replaced this model, whose design has not changed in years, with a new 14-inch MacBook Pro, which includes a number of improvements and upgrades, including an M3 chip, a ProMotion screen that operates at a 120 Hz refresh rate, a 1080p FaceTime camera, and more ports such as a port. HDMI and SDXC card slot.

MagSafe battery pack

From, Apple products: White apple charger on a purple background.

After unveiling the iPhone 15 series, Apple discontinued the MagSafe battery pack in September. For those who do not know, the MagSafe battery pack is an external battery that is installed on the back of the iPhone 12 and later in order to extend battery life, and since the lineup iPhone 15 all come with a USB-C port, the MagSafe battery pack contains a Lightning port; Hence it has become outdated; That's why Apple got rid of it.

Dual MagSafe charger

From, I got rid of the Xiaomi redmi note 5 case.

Apple introduced the dual MagSafe charger to us in 2020 and it came at a price of $129. Its purpose was to allow you to charge the iPhone or AirPods at the same time you charge your smart watch. Similar to the MagSafe battery pack, Apple made the decision to abandon the dual MagSafe charger in September after the introduction of the iPhone 15 series because it works through the Lightning port.

Leather accessories

From, get to know it: A person holding a phone with a charger.

Apple refrained from selling leather accessories in September, including leather versions of its iPhone cases, MagSafe wallet, and smart watch straps as part of the company's efforts to preserve the environment. Apple unveiled a new material known as FineWoven, which it now uses in its accessories and is made of 68% post-consumer recycled content and significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to leather.

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