posed Camel A few days ago, the second beta of iOS 17.2 was released for developers, which It will bring a number of features The new will be available to iPhone users in the coming weeks (expected to be launched in December), and in the following lines we will review the most prominent and important 6 features coming in the iOS 17.2 update.

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Journal application

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The Diary application, which was first announced in June, has become available with the iOS 17.2 update. The new Diary application will allow users to reflect on their lives and daily moments and reflect on their memories. Through machine learning on the iPhone, it will suggest... device, write short phrases or words on your photos, your music, or your exercises and other activities that you do, and by locking the Journal application, you will be able to protect your privacy and prevent anyone from accessing your notes.

Translation option for actions button

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The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max include a new customizable action button that replaces the mute button on previous iPhones. The Actions button allows you to do a number of different functions such as turning on and off a specific focus, opening the camera, turning on the flashlight, or recording voice memos. Now with the iOS 17.2 update, you will be able to customize the Actions button and link it to the Translate app, and so on when you long press the Actions button The translation will be opened from Al Jazeera Interactive and the audio text will be translated with ease.

New weather widget

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If you want to get more details about the current weather without having to open the Weather app, iOS 17.2 gives you three new small widgets for your home screen:

  • Details: This widget gives you a zoomed-in view of the current temperature, highs and lows, precipitation chances, UV index, wind speed, and air quality.
  • Daily Forecast: Gives you a zoomed-in view of the current temperatures along with the weather forecast for the next few days.
  • Sunrise and Sunset: This widget gives you a zoomed-in view of the sunrise and sunset times at your location.

Spatial video capture (iPhone 15 Pro)

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With iOS 17.2, you will be able to record 15D videos through the iPhone XNUMX Pro and thus watch them through Apple’s mixed reality glasses. VisionProAccording to Apple, in order to use the spatial video feature correctly, place the iPhone in the horizontal direction and make sure it is stable, and then you will be able to record a video clip at a rate of 30 frames per second with a resolution of 1080 pixels, and a minute of spatial video is about 130 MB.

See the full article here about spatial video

Apple Music features

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The iOS 17.2 update brings a number of new features to the Apple Music app including:

Collaborative playlists

This new feature allows multiple people to add, rearrange, and remove songs in a shared playlist.

Playlist of favorite songs

In the Music app on iOS 17.1 and later, you can add your favorite songs by tapping the star icon to receive improved recommendations, and starting with iOS 17.2, favorite songs are also added to the new Favorite Playlist.

Focus mode on the listening history

Do you allow others to use your device to listen to music? With the new Focus Mode in iOS 17.2, your recommendations will not be affected by songs that someone else is playing on your iPhone.

Check the call key in the Messages app

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Apple announced the call key verification feature in the Messages app in 2022, and after almost a year, the feature finally became available on the iPhone via iOS 17.2. The call key verification feature helps you ensure that the other party you are talking to is the same person, and not someone else. You try to contact him in another way, such as a phone call, FaceTime, or any other application. The new feature is designed specifically for users who face unusual digital threats, such as politicians, journalists, military personnel, investors, and human rights defenders. In addition to dissidents, lawyers, activists, government employees and other potential targets of state-sponsored cyber attacks.

Finally, these were the 6 best and most prominent features in iOS 17.2 in addition to the features mentioned above. There are many other great features in the update. Including, Siri will be able to access health and fitness information. You will also be able to respond to messages quickly via stickers. There are new customization options in the Memoji section to create your own avatar, and Apple is expected to release iOS 17.2 to all iPhone users during the month of December.

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