Users have noticed radical changes in their interactions with the Apple Watch after updating to watchOS 10. Many indicate that this update is the largest yet for Apple Watches. This is because Apple focused on improving the user experience, developing widgets, and making navigating between applications easier than before. In this article, we will discuss some of the changes that occurred in watchOS 10.

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What are the new features in watchOS 10?

Apple developed the new operating system in a very professional manner. As it redesigned the user interface of some applications, navigating between applications became much easier compared to previous updates, in addition to adding new widgets and developing some applications such as maps, weather, and stocks. If you haven't updated to watchOS 10 yet, take advantage of this the article.

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Name Drop feature

Through this new feature you will be able to share your contact information with anyone. All you have to do is bring your Apple Watch closer to the other person's iPhone. You can also do the same thing if the other person has an Apple Watch, this happens through the share button in the Contacts app.

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Use offline maps

Not only did Apple add the ability to use its maps without the Internet, but it also included this feature in the Apple Watch. You can now download maps of the place you want to visit and use the maps without having to connect to the Internet.

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Better use the rotary button

  • In previous updates from Apple, if you wanted to go to the Control Center you had to scroll down.
  • But now if you want to access the control center you just have to press once on the side button.
  • If you want to access applications, press the rotary button once. To access recently used applications, press the rotary button twice.

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New Widget Collection

  • Apple has worked to provide a group of widgets concerned with displaying the information most relevant to your day. This group is called the Smart Stack.
  • The Smart Stack changes based on your use of the watch throughout the day.
  • Through Smart Stack, it can show you upcoming appointments, the news you are interested in, the weather condition around you and your daily activity such as walking or riding a bike.
  • In case you want to listen to the Quran or science podcast in the morning, you will see the controls at the top.
  • Finally, you can control whatever is displayed by holding down your Apple Watch screen.

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New faces for the Apple Watch

Among the features of the watchOS 10 update is that two new faces have been added to the Apple Watch through watchOS 10, and they are, respectively, Palette and Snoopy.

  • Range: It is a display of time, it changes color throughout the day, you can define dual colors with two shades of the same color, but in varying shades.


  • SnoopyThis face expresses that Apple is interested in young users, as it contains characters from famous cartoons or cartoons. There are also four clock designs that you can use, and you can also control the colors in a way that suits your eye.

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Change in destinations of some applications

One of the new features that watchOS 10 offers you is a change in the interfaces of some applications. This is a very special thing that gave the new update a special luster for users.

◦ Apply alarm clocks:
It's similar to the basic Alarms app in appearance, but in reality it takes up more screen space, and each item appears larger than the previous version.

◦ App Store - Apple Store:
The Apple Store interface has been developed, the search option is now on the upper left corner of the screen, and we have also noticed a great merging of images and titles.

◦ Calendar application:
The colors of the Calendar application have been changed, in addition to the location of the button responsible for adding a new event from the bottom to the top.

◦ Contacts application:
Adding contacts and accessing MY SIM has changed to the top of the app. In addition, the Name Drop feature will make it much easier for you to share your contact with someone else.

◦ Heart Rate application:
When you use the application, you will notice that there is a beating heart that occupies a large part of the interface. And that's not the end of it. When you scroll down, you'll be presented with some additional information, such as your heart rate and walking average.

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What do you think of the features of watchOS 10? Were you able to get used to the changes it brought? Tell us in the comments




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