It seems that trying to develop a modem chip that supports fifth generation networks faces many problems. At first, Apple was trying to develop a modem chip to be an alternative to the Qualcomm chip in iPhone devices. All of this is according to what was reported by Bloomberg. Follow this article with us, and we will share all the information about the latest developments in the development of the modem chip.

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What problems does Apple face in developing the modem chip?

After Apple acquired most of the modem segments from the famous Intel company in 2019 and spent more than a billion dollars, it made great efforts to develop the modem chip to be used for iPhone devices, but all these attempts have been to no avail so far.

Although Apple hopes that the chip will be ready for use in 2024, reports confirm that the new chip will not be ready until 2025. It is worth noting that Apple has decided to release the new chip in 2026.

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What are the developments in work on a modem chip?

Reports have proven that work on the chip is still ongoing, and in the initial stages. In addition, one of the versions under development lacks support for fast technology (MM wave). In addition, one of the most prominent challenges that Apple faces in this period is dealing with the proprietary code of Intel that was working with it.

In the same context that Apple needed to rewrite the code and while adding some new features, there was a sudden crash in the existing features. In addition, Apple must be careful not to violate Qualcomm's patent during the development process of the chip.

It is not only the reports that indicate the failure of the chip development project. An Apple employee states that choosing a failed project from Intel and working on it is completely incomprehensible and unjustified. And that's not the end of it. Some reports indicate that Apple's hardware technology group is spread across many projects, and this reduces the chances of resolving errors, and exhausts Apple's efforts and resources.

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What are the things that prompted Apple to develop the modem chip?

It all started in 2017 when Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple for charging fees for technologies it did not even use. At this time, Apple decided to dispense with the iPhone 11 lineup with the Qualcomm modem chip, and invested in Intel modem chip To support iPhone phones. Despite the agreement between Apple and Intel, this cooperation did not last for a long time.

The reason for this is that Apple wanted to continue launching the iPhone 11 equipped with an Intel modem chip. However, Intel was not able to manufacture its own chip with the standards that Apple adheres to.

This forced Apple to settle all disputes and lawsuits and conclude a new deal with Qualcomm that will last from 2024 until 2026.

Therefore, Apple is seeking in two directions, the first is to develop a modem chip, in order to get rid of the cooperation between it and Qualcomm. The second is to have its own independent segment. In the same context, Apple's intentions are to develop the SoC chip in order to avoid dealing with suppliers such as Broadcom. This is in order to have more control and develop the components in a way that suits them.

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What do you think of Apple choosing to develop the modem chip? Do you think that the chip, despite all that, will be ready in 2026, and will it be as efficient as the chips provided by Qualcomm? Tell us in the comments.



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