The talking clock application. The clock ticker application, which is one of the applications that I love very much, has become the talking clock application. The reason is that it is really useful. Having a notification that alerts you of the passage of time every hour is essential for me. This feature is available on the Apple Watch, but unfortunately on the iPhone. It doesn't have this feature, and I love this app too; Because it has sound Amr Abdel RahmanMay God have mercy on him. We ask God to bring us together with him in Paradise. Therefore, we are very excited about this update, especially since it is one of our oldest applications (This app is since 2011It is one of the first Arabic applications in the Apple Store, and when we made applications for Android at some point, this application was the most downloaded application. Let's discover this wonderful application and its features.

From, a variety of watches displaying different numbers, enhancing accuracy (accuracy of the watch) and featuring a Palestinian (Palestine) design.

Clock accuracy application

‎Clock Chime

When we wanted to update the talking clock app and give it a completely new identity, we said why should time be boring? We always say: “It’s ten-thirty now” dryly and with a monotony that makes you not want to know the time at all. Why can’t the clock be fun and interesting? We know the time anyway, but it would be more fun to know the time with a little fun. This is exactly what we did... Watch this video...

Every time you open the application, it will tell you the time in a fun way, sometimes it will give you advice, or funny wisdom, and sometimes it will be a joke from... Heavy caliber So pay attention!

The application uses the latest Apple systems technologies

You may be disappointed if the operating system on your device is less than iOS 17 or iPadOS 17 because the application will not work for you, and the reason is that we decided to use the latest Apple technologies in everything. The application was developed from scratch to keep pace with all the new features in the iOS 17 system, starting with the update. Great for graphics and effects, and even using the power of the iPhone 15 to make background effects more beautiful, and it works very smoothly.

Look how cool these effects are, some of them will make you feel relaxed just looking at the time passing by.

Personal voice feature:

Not only that, the application uses one of the awesome features of iOS 17, which is the ability to create a personal voice for you, and the clock ticking application uses your voice to pronounce the hour, and this feature works with amazing efficiency.

From, an iPhone with the clock accuracy displayed on the screen.

The ability to use a personal voice only works if the application interface is in English. So far, Apple does not support a personal voice speaking Arabic, but as soon as Apple supports it, it will work with the Daqat Clock application even in Arabic.

The widget

The clock ticker application supports all forms of widgets available for iOS and iPadOS, and you can test between three types: the clock widget only, and you can choose the theme through the widget settings.

From, a screenshot clock ticker app for iOS.

Or you can choose a text-only widget, or a text widget with a clock.

From, iPhone with an inaccessible message.

You also notice that the widget adds a bit of fun + knowing the time on your phone screen, and you can also activate the same widget on the lock screen.

From, screenshot thumbnail of Arabic Clock app: Clock app


The clock ticking application alerts you every hour with a sound of your choice, and we have many sounds, Arabic, English, and even effects such as Big Ben.

From, Islamic Alarm Clock App - Screenshot.

It also alerts you with fun phrases, and when you press and hold, you get the watch with the same theme you chose. But in order to get the alerts correctly, make sure that the notification settings in the application are compatible with this picture.

From, Description: How to turn off notifications on iPhone app.

If you have an Apple Watch, make sure to turn off notifications in the Watch app, so that notifications do not reach the watch and then the notification sound from the clock ticking app will not appear on your phone.

From, a screenshot of notification settings on the iPhone app.

Support for the Palestinian cause

We hope that this application will be popular in the West because of its fun and features. Therefore, we found an opportunity to support the Palestinian cause as much as we can. We made the application icon in the Apple Store with the Palestinian flag, so that everyone can see this flag and it reminds them of Palestine. We also put a Palestine theme and even the background is inspired by The Palestinian keffiyeh, as well as the colors of the numbers, and when you choose this theme, the joking stops, and time stops.

It is important to us that the application supports the English language, as we want the message to reach every person, and when pronouncing the time or sending notifications, the user is always reminded that time is different for our brothers in Palestine, and that their suffering continues. We ask God to help us and relieve their distress.

Available in the Apple App Store for free

From, the clock app that showcased the amazing phone screen.

The application has become free, and there are features that support internal purchases. These features actually cost us money, so a reasonable price had to be set. When you buy the pro version, you are not only supporting us, but you are getting powerful features...

  • In the Pro version, the voice changes to a natural voice via artificial intelligence
  • In the Pro version, you get eight new themes
  • In the Pro version, you can use the Personal Voice feature
  • In the Pro version, you can make the time speak every minute
  • In the Pro version, you can control notification times

So if you want to get these features, subscribe to the Pro version, and you can try it for free for a week.

‎Clock Chime
Please publish the application on social networking sites so that it reaches everyone, and tell us about ideas so that we can develop this application for the better

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