although Camel It dominates the wearable devices market through its smart watch, but it was seeking to increase that dominance by allowing its smart watch to support Android phones. But the company decided to cancel its plan at the last minute, so let us learn about the impact of the corona and how it forced Apple to cancel the plan to support its smart watch for Android.

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Apple Watch and Android

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According to a report by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple was planning to make its smartwatch compatible with Android phones to broadly offer the health features the watch offers. The company began taking serious steps, and the project it called “Project Fennel” was nearing completion.

Apple was determined to bring health benefits to more people, especially in countries where it had a weak market share. But Apple soon decided to cancel everything, as the company felt that taking this step might negatively affect sales of iPhone devices.

Halo effect

Gorman said the iPhone maker halted the project because of the “halo effect,” a psychological phenomenon that allows us to see a single positive quality in something. And then we forget to see the full picture of this thing. For example, when we see a famous person as attractive or funny, we make immediate judgments that he is successful in life, smart, and popular and we then try to believe everything he says and be influenced by his actions. This is why beautiful girls are employed in departments such as sales and secretarial work. Why, because she is beautiful and as soon as she sees her, the aura effect will begin and you will admire all her other qualities and anything she says because of being affected by one positive quality, which is beauty.

This is why Apple stopped the project permanently, because it believes that its smart watch is a driver of iPhone sales. The watch and the iPhone are closely linked in the minds of its users. When a person buys an iPhone, he is strongly inclined to buy a watch and vice versa.

The halo effect is not new to Apple, as it extends back to the time of the iPod when it appeared in 2001. In order to be able to use it, you needed to buy a Mac equipped with a Firewire cable. So you can transfer songs from it to your iPod. This helped Mac sales rise significantly during that year.

Finally, this is not the first time that Apple has eliminated a project related to the Android system. It previously abandoned its plans to support iMessage and FaceTime for Android.

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