In the week's choices We talked about Calcularium application We said that the calculator is one of the tools that you should always have with you, and this application is the best, and you can use it to perform many calculations easily and quickly. It has many features, such as converting between different units, converting between different currencies, and the ability to save numbers for future use. It also includes voice support, so you can just tell Siri what you'd like to calculate. Whether you have to calculate your share of the bill at a restaurant or determine the purchase price after a discount. The application works within Apple Messages, and this is a very useful feature.

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Calcularium application


There are many calculator applications, and Apple even has a calculator application that comes with the system, but the Calcularium application offers much more than just being a calculator.

  1. Voice control, powered by Siri
  2. The ability to identify accounts in images
  3. Interactive accounts
  4. Multi-level sub-accounts with no limits
  5. A record of all transactions that can be edited and reused
  6. Possibility of naming mathematical operations for clarification
  7. Reusable functions and expressions
  8. Reusable constants and numbers
  9. Conversion between different units (+350 units and more than 160 currencies)
  10. Advanced search for all calculations

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How to get the Calcularium app for free for six months

The company that developed the application contacted us and told us about a wonderful offer they are offering, which is to get all the features of the application for free for six months, and after that a monthly subscription, but you are not bound to it. You can get the free period, after that, cancel the subscription before paying.

Just click on this link

You will see the offer to activate it (Redeem)

From, Invodoo one for calculus Screenshot is a free application that allows users to solve complex mathematical equations quickly and easily. Whether you are a student studying calculus or a professional

Confirm the subscription, and you will see that the entire application is free for six months. And not just this application, this package includes 9 applications, all of which will be free for the same period... including the wonderful calculator application, the Convertium application for converting currencies and standard units, and others.

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