Today marks the anniversary of the creation of the iPhone website, 16 years ago, and we are with you... Yes, a long time has passed, and thanks and grace from God Almighty we continue to give and work, and thanks to God alone we work hard, while continuing to publish useful articles every day in... Your website is iPhone Islam, and with our continuous attempt to listen to you and solve any problem you face, we also develop useful applications, but today we do not want to talk about achievements, we want to tell you a story... the story of a child and the iPhone Islam website. Listen to it, it is a wonderful story.

From, No. 16 gold with confetti and iPhone.

the story:

On the seventeenth day of February 2012 year We received a mail from a child. The content of this mail is...

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
I am Karim from Egypt. I am 12 years old. I want your help. I have more than one idea for electronic devices (I know that this is a violation of the conditions for sending an email, but I want help. It is necessary). I was telling you that I have more than one idea for electronic devices, some of which are for Apple. Others are for any other mobile phone, and I want to know what sites I can connect with people who make my devices for me and the places I go to to make these devices because unfortunately I do not know anything about electronics and devices, and I want to contact Apple to offer them the devices.

I would be very happy if you answered me, and I am a fan of the iPhone Islam. By God Almighty, I am a huge fan of the iPhone Islam. I am very, very sorry for the length. Thank you, iPhone Islam.

A 12-year-old child communicated with us. It was a very joyful thing for us. In 2012, technology was not that widespread, so we knew that he was definitely a special person. We responded to him and told him to send his phone number and we would have one of the engineers contact him. Indeed, it was done and we forgot about it.

After 10 years

From, an hourglass with an envelope in the sand, marking the passage of time and commemorating a special occasion.

I was browsing old mail in 2022 yearI found Karim’s letter, which was ten years old, so I sent him...

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
Karim sent us this message ten years ago, so how are you now :)

Of course, I did not expect any response, as I was writing to someone who was a child to me, and ten years had passed since he sent this message. But I sent it anyway out of self-talk, and curiosity to know, what did this child do, did he achieve his dreams? Is he living a good life?

The surprise

Almost a year later, on July 6th 2023 year I received a mail, from Karim... I did not believe it at first, and I thought it was an automated response, stating that my mail had not arrived, but the surprise was, Karim responded to my message, and when I read the message I could not help myself, I cried with joy. Here is the child who was 12 years old. As a young man, this child, he was influenced by us and influenced by what we do, and we had a good impact on his life. This strange feeling that came over me when I read his letter, I cannot describe it to you, but it will reach you when you read his letter...

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you
May God reward you with all the best on my behalf. I was browsing this email, which I have not used for years, and I found your question about me now. It has been 12 years since I sent you my letter, and I am now in the best condition, and the credit for this goes to you, after God.

Your question reminded me of a beautiful period in my life :) I have been following Islam’s iPhone all those years until now, and through your articles I learned about the Apple team in detail, and from there I learned about Johnny IveI was certain that this was what I wanted to do all my life, but because at this time I was in the seventh grade, I could not study industrial design. However, on the other hand, I accidentally became acquainted with the field of graphics when I wanted to make a logo for one of my “inventions,” which I annoyed you with :), I became passionate about this field, and I specialized in the field of branding and worked in it until I reached university age. Indeed, I specialized in studying industrial design and graduated a year ago. It is now a field that I am trying to integrate into the field of branding, in which I have accumulated 10 years of experience, and now I have a company that specializes in branding, but with an industrial design mentality. I also married my colleague in the department. Do you see the butterfly effect you have made in my life?

Thank you very much, iPhone Islam. I wish all of your team success, health and wellness, and may your positive influence continue in the lives of everyone to whom you taught one piece of information. You were and will continue to be the blog closest to my heart, and I pray for all of you until now in the unseen. I hope you will receive my message and thank you for what you have provided. Me all these years.

positive effect

Why do we keep working? Why don't we leave this platform that is no longer what it was and the number of people who follow it continuously? The situation has changed now, and Tik Tok, Instagram, and others have become what young people aspire to, and the reason is that we still have a positive influence, and the proof is that you are reading this article now, and others who do not find these platforms satisfying their passion and love for learning, also our website is a reference, For all content creators on all platforms, even if our content does not reach you through our website, it will reach you through someone who used this content to provide you with benefit. With the development of artificial intelligence, there must be written Arabic content from which the artificial intelligence can learn, otherwise artificial stupidity will become for us as Arabs.

In the end, advice to all followers of iPhone Islam: You are influential in your place, have a positive impact on people, treat them as the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, commanded us, treat them with love and mercy as much as you can. It does not matter your position or place in society. Every word has an impact. Every action you take has an impact. Make this impact positive. Do not comment on social media sites negatively. Perhaps a word you say will affect this content creator and destroy his future. Perhaps a kind word will change him for the better. Do not underestimate the dreams of young people, help them with good advice, encourage them with your words, and always remember that kind words do not cost anything, but they have a great impact on the lives of others. Let us make sure to be ambassadors of positivity and optimism everywhere we go. Finally, do not forget that true success lies in the ability to inspire others and leave a positive mark on their lives.

This is what we aspire to at iPhone Islam: to leave a positive mark in the lives of every Muslim and non-Muslim. So help us, spread the site, and talk about it with your friends. We are waiting for your comments to tell us how the iPhone Islam affected you

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