It is clear that WhatsApp is determined to make many improvements for users in the coming period, and has even begun some of them during these days. For example, WhatsApp developed the search for messages in conversations, whether individual or group, the feature of hiding the location during calls, and finally developed the passkeys feature. Follow this article with us, and we will share with you the latest developments, when they will be released, and how can you use them?

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Develop message search

WhatsApp decided to make searching for messages easier than before, as it added the option to search using date. The development of the search feature appeared in the latest beta version, and work is still ongoing to develop this feature. Through the search feature, you will be able to search for specific messages in conversations according to a specific date. This will make it much easier for you.

In the latest update, the calendar icon appears in the search bar. When you click on it, the calendar will appear so you can select the desired date and re-sort the messages in the search. For your information, the search option is already present in the stable version of WhatsApp for iPhone users, and the company is working to provide it for users of the beta version of WhatsApp Web.

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How can you use the message search feature for iPhone users?

  1. Click on the profile in the conversation you want.
  2. Click on the search option.
  3. You will see a calendar icon at the bottom right.
  4. You can use this search feature for either group or individual conversations.

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Feature of hiding location during calls

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that contributes to increasing the privacy of users, whether iOS or Android, which is to hide the location during calls. This happens by transmitting the communication through the messaging platform's servers.

In a statement to the WhatsApp engineering team, it was said that WhatsApp hides the location of users from other participants in the call. This is done by switching from standard direct peer-to-peer communication between callers using the company's servers. He also added that this is to hide the metadata of the Internet Protocol address. For your information, the metadata of the Internet Protocol address contains important information such as your geographical location and your Internet service provider.

WhatsApp took the opportunity to declare that it does not see the calls made on its application, and that it cannot record these calls. Because it is fully encrypted. In addition, calls are transmitted through the company's servers, making it difficult to deduce users' location information.

It is worth noting that this feature, despite its ability to surprisingly enhance users' privacy. However, it may slightly affect the quality of the call itself and the clarity of the sound. This feature was not the first to enhance privacy from WhatsApp in 2023. Rather, it was introduced Silence unknown callers feature Last June, it is a feature that automatically screens calls if they are received from an unknown contact.

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Developing the passkeys feature on the iPhone

There has been news indicating that WhatsApp is working on developing the Passkeys feature for iPhone users. In addition, the most prominent programmers noticed the presence of source code in the beta version of the WhatsApp application on iPhone phones that confirms the existence of this feature.

In the same context, the passkey feature will provide you with the ability to log in to the WhatsApp application using your phone’s password, Touch ID, or Face ID.

Apple also said that passkeys represent much more security than passwords, in addition to being generated uniquely for each account on devices, and reducing the chances of exposure to fraud and data theft. Despite all of this, we do not know the official date for launching this feature in the WhatsApp application for iPhone phones. But WhatsApp has already started providing it on Android devices a few weeks ago.

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