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Apple shares 'mysterious feelings' holiday ad

Apple has unveiled its annual holiday ad, “Fuzzy Feelings,” which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a stop-motion video shot on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and edited on a MacBook Air. The video tells the story of an animator who juggles her office job and creates holiday-themed cartoons in her spare time. She made her boss the hero of an animated film in a comedy setting who was exposed to miserable situations in a comedic way, as if she wanted to take revenge on him in this film, because of the way he treated her at work, always reprimanding her and assigning her tasks before she left the office. As negative as you think the manager is at first, he surprises everyone with handmade holiday gifts, revealing a more positive side to him. The letter emphasizes the transformative power of creativity and suggests that looking at things differently can make a big impact.

A new feature in WhatsApp, verifying the email address to authenticate accounts

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WhatsApp now allows users to verify their accounts using an email address, providing an alternative to the usual phone number verification, especially in areas with poor cellular coverage. This new option does not replace standard SMS verification with a six-digit code, and users still need to provide their phone number when creating a WhatsApp account. With email verification, existing users can now authenticate their accounts on an Internet-connected device, even when cellular service is not available. This feature is part of WhatsApp version 23.24.70 for iPhone, and can be accessed through Settings, under Account, then Email Address. In addition, WhatsApp is developing a “username” feature to enhance privacy during communication, similar to Telegram, although details of its functionality are still in the early stages of development.

Testing the iPhone roadside assistance feature via satellite

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Starting with the iOS 17 update, iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models offer the amazing “Roadside Assistance” service. This feature uses satellites to connect you to AAA, a US roadside assistance company, even when you're in a place with no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. A tech reviewer named Brian Tong demonstrated how the service works in a video.

To use it, open the Messages app, start a new message, type “On the Road” in the address field, and when there is no regular contact, the “Roadside Assistance” option appears. Press it, follow the on-screen instructions, and call the Globalstar satellite to request assistance from AAA. This is useful for many issues such as a dead car battery, car problem, flat tire, or running out of fuel. The service is free for two years with the iPhone 14 or iPhone 15, and after that, it will be pay-per-use if you are not a AAA member. It is currently available in the United States, and Apple may expand it to more countries later. This feature is based on the Emergency SOS satellite service which has been extended free of charge for an additional year.

Leak: Redesigned battery for iPhone 16

From, the pink LCD display kit for iPad Pro is available in November.

Reliable leaker Kosutami shared images that he claims are leaked images revealing a new design for the iPhone 16 battery. The images indicate a slightly larger capacity of 3355 mAh, which is still in the early stages, and is slightly larger than the iPhone 15 Pro’s 3274 mAh battery. ampere per hour. It is worth noting that the battery contains a redesigned connector and replaces the traditional black casing with a crystalline metal casing, a change aimed at improving thermal efficiency without adding significant weight.

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This change is in line with recent reports indicating Apple's intention to implement a new thermal system in the iPhone 16 series to address potential concerns over overheating. Rumors also suggest that the entire iPhone 16 lineup may feature a graphene heatsink for improved thermal management, based on Apple's continued interest in graphene's superior thermal conductivity compared to traditional materials like copper. These developments may be in response to overheating issues reported with the iPhone 15 Pro, which Apple addressed with a system update earlier this year.

Apple Vision Pro eyeglasses will launch in March 2024

Apple is expected to delay the release of the Apple Vision Pro glasses from the planned date of January 2024 to March of the same year, according to analyst Mark Gurman. It highlights that Apple is still working on improvements and additional testing. The complex design of the Vision Pro glasses led to production challenges, significantly reducing production expectations to less than four hundred thousand glasses for 2024. The initial launch will be limited to the United States, with subsequent expansions to Canada and the United Kingdom. To prepare for the launch, some of Apple's US retail employees are undergoing training at headquarters in Cupertino, and dedicated hands-on training areas will be set up in flagship stores. Last week, Apple provided developers with the sixth beta version of VisionOS for operating Apple Glass, and it includes new video clips that are shown to the user during the setup process, indicating that the development work is nearing completion.

Apple has paused advertising on the X after the recent controversy surrounding Elon Musk and his position on the war on Gaza

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After Elon Musk’s statements about what is happening in the occupied territories of brutal aggression against our people in Palestine, on the social networking site His announcement last Tuesday was that the platform would donate all advertising and subscriptions related to the war in Gaza to hospitals in the occupied territories and the Red Cross-Red Crescent in Gaza.

Apple decided to stop all its advertising on the platform, according to Axios, and its decision came after 164 Jewish rabbis and activists asked Apple, Google, Amazon, and Disney to stop advertising on X, and they demanded that Apple and Google remove Twitter from their stores.

Apple was one of Twitter's main advertising partners, and has continued to pay for ad spots even as other advertisers pulled out after Musk's acquisition of the social network. The move by Apple comes after a history of tensions with Musk and Twitter, including a temporary advertising pause in November 2022, during which Musk claimed that Apple threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store. The dispute was resolved after a meeting between Musk and Tim Cook.

With Musk's comments that are not to the liking of these companies that support the occupying Zionist enemy and the massacres it commits against defenseless civilians, it is not clear whether Apple will be convinced to resume advertising again at some point in the future. Last September, Tim Cook said that Apple was “continuously” evaluating whether it should buy advertising on the social network.

In response, many Twitter users called on Elon Musk to speed up the release of a phone that competes with the iPhone so that they can boycott Apple and its products as well.

Apple is not the only company to withdraw from Twitter ads, as IBM said this week that it would withdraw ads, and the European Union no longer plans to advertise on the social network. The White House earlier in the day condemned Musk's comments, and X employees told the New York Times that they were fielding calls from other companies upset with Musk.

Apple supports the RCS standard in the iPhone next year

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Apple has decided to support the Rich Communications Services (RCS) standard, a messaging protocol, after years of opposing it. RCS is promoted by Google, and is widely adopted across smartphones. This move means that iPhone users will have improved messaging capabilities when communicating with Android users. iMessage will remain the default option for iPhone-to-iPhone communication, but RCS will replace older messaging standards like SMS and MMS. RCS supports better media quality, improved encryption, and enhanced group chats. RCS support is expected to be introduced in future updates.

Sunbird discontinues iMessage for Android due to security concerns

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Sunbird, an app designed to enable Android users to send messages to iPhone iMessages, has temporarily stopped working due to security concerns. The app's operators claimed to offer end-to-end encryption for messages, but it faced scrutiny after partnering with Nothing to launch the "Nothing Chats" app. Security issues arose when it was discovered that Sunbird was transmitting Apple account credentials over unencrypted channels, raising concerns about data privacy and potential vulnerabilities. As a result, both Sunbird and Nothing Chats have been suspended, and users have been advised to change their Apple account passwords and remove the apps. This situation has cast doubt on Sunbird's competence to effectively address these security challenges.

ChatGPT's voice chat feature is now free for all users

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OpenAI announced that the voice chat feature in the official ChatGPT application for iPhone and iPad is now available to all users, without the need for a subscription. This feature was initially introduced in September but was limited to GPT Plus subscribers. Now it has been released to all users for free on iOS and Android. For those who do not know GPT Chat, it is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot that uses generative artificial intelligence to answer questions, provide advice, explanations, and many things that are too numerous to mention. It allows users to have voice conversations with the Chatbot instead of typing, as it recognizes whispered speech and syncs chat history across devices. The announcement comes amid recent changes in OpenAI's leadership, with CEO Sam Altman initially fired, but later brought back, creating a new board. ChatGPT can be downloaded from the App Store.


Miscellaneous news

◉ Apple is now selling the second generation of the refurbished AirPods Pro in select European countries, including the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland. It is approximately 15% cheaper than the original price.

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◉ Apple is testing iOS 17.1.2, focusing on bug fixes. Wi-Fi issues and minor issues reported in the release 17.1.1 the previous. The update is expected to be released next week, according to Apple's usual schedule.

◉ Apple filed a legal challenge against the European Union’s Digital Markets Law, which requires major companies, led by Apple, to open their services. The law could impact Apple's platforms, requiring changes to the App Store, Messages, FaceTime, Siri and more, including enabling sideloading of apps. Apple cites concerns about privacy and data security. Similar appeals have been filed by Meta and TikTok.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we brought you the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with every incoming and outgoing, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not let the devices distract you or distract you from your life and duties, and know that technology exists to make life easier for you And help you with it, and if your life robs you, and you get busy with it, then there is no need for it.


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