In public, they compete strongly, and in secret, they share common interests and agreements. This is the relationship between... Google Apple, and apparently, Google is paying the iPhone maker many billions in an attempt to dominate the world's search advertising market and eliminate any competition.

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Apple and Google

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We are all aware that Google pays a lot every year to be the default search engine on devices Camel But that's not all, as University of Chicago professor Kevin Murphy inadvertently revealed during his testimony in the antitrust case supervised by the Department of Justice that the company pays about 36% of Google's search engine advertising revenues that occur through the Safari browser.

This indicates that every person who uses the Safari browser to search for anything through the Google search engine means more billions coming for Apple. This is why Google wants users to rely on the Chrome browser on their phones and devices instead of Safari, to dominate the entire browser market and also to reduce the amount it pays to its competitor, Apple.

How much does Google pay Apple annually?

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Through a simple calculation, we can roughly know how much Google pays Apple annually as follows: Google’s total revenues from search advertising amounted to about $279.8 billion in 2022.

Since Google pays 36% of search advertising revenues through Safari, this means more than $20 billion during the year 2022, and do not forget to add the $18 billion that it pays to be the default search engine on Apple devices, which means that Google pays about $38 billion. Annually for the iPhone maker, whose revenues amounted to nearly $400 billion last year.

 Finally, Google is under increased scrutiny by regulatory authorities regarding monopoly, as it faces accusations of using its resources to maintain its dominance in the market for browsers and search engines on various devices through confidentiality agreements that work to prevent fair competition.

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