Apple is still fighting its war to fix security problems related to its iPhones. Some security news and reports indicate that Apple has fixed a security problem that allows the iPhone to be hacked via Bluetooth technology using the Flipper Zero device. But what is controversial here is why Apple did not tell us about this officially! Follow this article with us, and we will share with you all the information about this hack, and how Apple was able to eliminate this problem.

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What security issue did Apple fix?

There were some reports indicating that Apple had fixed a security vulnerability that allowed the iPhone to be hacked wirelessly via Bluetooth. This is done using devices called “Flipper Zero”. Despite this, Apple did not officially announce this vulnerability, but some security reports confirmed that this security fix is ​​one of the reasons for issuing the iOS 17.2 update in order for Apple to eliminate this problem.

Add to your information, that Flipper Zero devices are small devices that are used to test the security of devices or networks. But sometimes, they are used to hack devices and disrupt systems.

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What did Apple do to eliminate Flipper Zero's attempts?

Initially, the hackers installed a program called “Flipper Xtreme” on the hacked device to bypass its limits. After that, the program sends very large numbers of alerts, and windows appear sequentially on the “victim” iPhone until it is locked or completely disabled. Here came Apple's turn to intervene, as it disabled the Bluetooth technology itself. This was an ideal solution until it issued a new update that properly addressed this vulnerability.

Now, after the release of the new iOS 17.2 update, the matter has become more stable than before. Flipper Zero devices are now only able to send a small number of pop-ups. These windows are now unable to disable or control the iPhone. It is worth noting that Apple has not yet officially announced what happened or the fix for this vulnerability, even in the changes file in the iOS 17.2 update.

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What do you think about the problem of hacking the iPhone through Bluetooth? What is the reason for Apple not disclosing this problem? Tell us in the comments.


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