Updated yesterday Phone Islam application Thanks to God, it is the main application for your website, and one of the most important features of this application is the tools section. We, as iPhone users, find that there are some tools that we need, and they are simple and do not deserve a full application, and at the same time they are important, for example, downloading videos from social networking sites, Or convert between Gregorian and Hijri dates, or compress videos to make them smaller. Simple but important tools, and we may need them constantly. Therefore, we introduced the Tools section in iPhone Islam to solve this problem, and with this update we focused on these tools to be better, simpler, and easy to use. In this article, learn about these tools with us. Please interact with us and tell us about new tools that you would like. The Phone Islam application is your application, and we will do anything you request.

iPhone Islam application tools

The tools were redeveloped from scratch, using the latest Apple technologies, and therefore the new version of the Phone Islam application supports iOS 16 and later. The interface of the tools was made simple and easy, and sections were created to arrange the tools, so that every time we increase the number of these tools, you will always find them in order.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of Arabic language settings on an iOS device featuring Update and Widgets.

There is also a favorite, so you find your tools that you always use in front of you. You can rearrange these favorites by long pressing on any tool, then dragging it and placing it in the place that suits you.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a hand points to the Widgets app in the iPhone Islam app on an iPhone.

Featured tools

We would like to tell you that each tool was made with great care, that we paid attention to the smallest details, and took your feedback throughout these years into consideration, so you will find these tools very close to you.

Phone Islam - Apple and technology news

Download tool

This is the most requested tool, and many of us use it. Downloading videos from social networking sites is really a useful thing. Sometimes you want to keep a specific video to review it later, or you want to share it on other social networking sites, or you want to cut only part of it.

Until now, all applications dedicated to this task have problems such as not supporting some sites, or are complicated to use, and this is not necessary with a simple task like this. So we developed this tool to be easy to use and support as many sites as possible.

All you have to do after opening the tool is paste the link to the site that contains the media you want to download. The tool supports most sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of a YouTube clip uploaded by iPhoneIslam App Tools on an iPhone, showing the latest app update.

You will then find all the media files in this link. For example, if it is an Instagram link, and it contains more than one image or video, you will find them all. You can download each one separately.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of a video app with Arabic text, showing updates and new features.

If the video can be downloaded in more than one format, you will find all available formats when you click on the arrow button to download.

From iPhoneIslam.com, Arabic mp3 player - Update screenshot.

For example, this is a YouTube video. You will find icons that express the available formats that can be downloaded. If it is a video, you will find the name of the format such as MP4 and the quality such as 720. You can download audio only in a number of formats such as M4A supported in Apple systems, or download a video without audio such as . WEBM.

What is great is that the media download now works in the background. The application can be placed in the background, and you will receive a notification after the download is complete, to share the video or save it to your photo library.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of the iPhone Islam app's widgets on an iPhone showing the updated interface with new widgets.

One of the most important features of the downloader is the ability to watch the video instantly, without ads, regardless of the platform, and you can watch the video on a floating screen on the interface of your device.

From iPhoneIslam.com, an updated video player with an arrow pointing to a video.

Just tap the video play button, then tap the picture-in-picture icon, or even put the app in the background while the video is playing, and you will be able to follow the video on your device over any app. As we mentioned, not only with YouTube, but with the media of all other sites.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of an iPhone screen showing a number of different apps, including the Update app and the iPhoneIslam app.

Isn't this the best tool for downloading media? Its benefits are many, it is easy to use, and if you subscribe to the PhoneIslam application, you will be the reason for increasing the resources for us; Then make better tools and update them.

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Hijri calendar tool

The Hijri calendar tool is one of the very useful tools, and with this update it will be of great benefit. We start with the simple and easy-to-use design. In front of you are the Gregorian and Hijri dates for the current day.

From iPhoneIslam.com, screenshot of Arabic language settings on iPhone with New Tools option Hijri calendar.

You can simply change the Gregorian date from below to find its equivalent in Hijri, but what if today’s Hijri date does not agree with the approved date in your country today? Many of you asked us to add a feature to increase or decrease days in the conversion process, but this is an error. This may be useful when Show today's date only (See the article on adjusting the Hijri widgetHowever, if you want to convert between the Gregorian and Hijri dates or vice versa, the process of adding days corrupts the old dates, as well as the modern dates, and shows incorrect results, so we have created a wonderful solution. We have set all the approved Hijri calendars. If the Hijri date for today is not exact for you, choose the approved calendar in your country, or before between them until it matches the approved date in your country.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of the Arabic language app on iPhone.

Using this tool, you can convert between the Gregorian date and the Hijri date with amazing accuracy and approved by the most important astronomical organizations in the world. But not only that.

Now you can know the time remaining for any upcoming occasion, whether in Hijri or Gregorian. For example, you wanted to know the time remaining until Ramadan. No problem. Press the Gregorian button to convert it to Umm al-Qura or Hijri, then change the date to Ramadan.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of the Arabic language update on an iPhone.

 You will find a phrase telling you that Ramadan is in 3 months and 12 days. Isn't this amazing? Oh God, let us reach Ramadan.

What if you want to calculate the time since a specific event or your age? Very easy, enter your date of birth.

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of an iPhone showing Arabic text, showcasing the new tools and features of the iPhone Islam app update.

I have grown old, I have become 47 years old, and my head has turned gray. Your prayers are that God will be kind to me, cover me with His mercy, and forgive me for any shortcomings. I do not want us to quarrel on the Day of Resurrection over an iPhone and for someone to ask me for the price of an application :) Let us enter Paradise quickly, God willing. .

Because this is my age in Gregorian calendar. Yes, 47 years of Gregorian calendar have passed for me, but the Hijri calendar has fewer days than the Gregorian calendar, so how old am I in the Hijri calendar, I wonder? Simple, click the Gregorian button to know the duration according to the Hijri calendar.

From iPhoneIslam.com, an iPhone with Arabic text showing the iPhone Islam app.

Oh God, I am 48 years old and 8 months old 😱, I think I will leave the article at this point, as you can see, life passes quickly, and I do not want to spend the rest of my life writing this article, especially since the tools are many, and some of them are actually very useful, so I will leave you You discover it yourself.

Answering some expected questions

Where is the WhatsApp tool for messaging people who are not registered with me?

In fact, we found that this tool is no longer necessary after WhatsApp supported this feature. Now you can simply press the (+) button in the conversations and add the number you want to talk to, and if it is registered in WhatsApp, you will be able to simply have a conversation with it.

From iPhoneIslam.com, the iPhone Islam app for iPhone with an arrow pointing to it.

Where are the other tools like the charging alarm and video trimming?

We have the intention to put all the useful tools, but we did not want to delay you in updating the application until all of them are complete, so we updated the application when a good number of tools were available, and we will work to develop more useful tools. Interact with us in the comments and tell us about the useful tools that you would like to see. Develop it first.

I have iOS 15 or earlier, why can't I update the app?

In order to create modern tools and use the latest Apple technologies, we had to adopt iOS 16 as a start, and this is necessary in order to keep pace with the features of Apple systems. So we apologize, if you have a system lower than iOS 16, you cannot upgrade to this update.

Phone Islam - Apple and technology news
You may have noticed that all the tools are free and without a usage limit, and we do not place restrictions on you, but do not forget that we need your subscription to the application in order for us to continue. If you have the ability to subscribe, do this. You will not find a better one than us to invest in, to provide you with information, tools, and applications. If you do not have the ability, that is okay, just publish our article and talk about us, so that we reach the largest possible number of users for whom our services are very useful. Don't forget to comment on this article

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