A beautiful wallpapers application that celebrates the rich heritage of Arab art. Also, an application to make a list of the gifts you want. An application that turns your phone into a real cinema camera, and other wonderful applications this week, according to the selection of iPhone Islam editors, represent a complete guide that saves you the effort and time of searching among piles of more than 1,842,727 Application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application Collector of the nine books

From iPhoneIslam.com, a mobile application about the hadiths of the Prophet.

The Nine Books Collection application has received a number of updates that have made it a more distinguished application. It is considered the most accurate and comprehensive Islamic application for the science of the Noble Prophet’s Hadith. It includes the nine hadith books famous among scholars of the Noble Prophet’s Sunnah, which are considered the most important, most comprehensive, and comprehensive references to the Noble Hadith, so that the application becomes an encyclopedia of Hadith. Al-Sharif is for every student of Hadith to discover the Sunni pearls in the guidance of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. The new update provided a number of advantages... The application worked without the need for the Internet, the text of the hadith and its services, the provisions of the hadith, follow-ups and evidence, the graduation sequence service, scientific graduation copies, the narrators service, the advanced search engine, moving between hadith numbers, night mode, sharing the hadith beautifully. , The Niche of Prophecy, The Academy of the Nine Books.

For God’s sake, do not miss this wonderful application, and read the hadiths of the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him

The Nine Books Collector

Note: Most of the apps are free to download or free for a limited time, but some may contain a monthly subscription, ads, or additional paid features.

2- Application Arabic wallpapers

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of an app containing a variety of images, featuring a selection of iPhone wallpapers.

Beautiful wallpapers that celebrate the rich heritage of Arabic art and calligraphy. The perfect combination of beauty and culture with a collection of amazing wallpapers for your device, including intricate patterns and designs inspired by Islamic architecture, calligraphy and cultural motifs. Users can browse the collection using filters such as category or color. This application is a great choice for those who appreciate the beauty and richness of Arabic design and want to incorporate it into their daily lives.


3- Application GoWish – Your Digital Wishlist

From iPhoneIslam.com, a screenshot of the gollish app on an iPhone screen showing multiple options.

When someone buys you a gift, they usually guess which gift is right for you, but this app allows you to create and save all the gifts you want, and easily share them with your friends and family. Your friends and family can know what you would like, which makes things very easy when buying gifts. The best part is that it prevents receiving a repeat gift on different occasions. If you see something you like on a website, your wish can be saved with just one click! This application also makes it easier for your friends to find the thing you want to buy. Of course, that is if there is someone who gives you gifts at all :)

‎GoWish - Your Digital Wishlist

4- Application Tana Capture

From iPhoneIslam.com, A woman uses her phone to take a photo of text.

An application through which you can write down ideas, notes, or tasks on the go with complete ease. You can also record voice memos, interviews or meetings quickly and effortlessly. The best thing about the application is the ability to share photos and links very quickly from all over the Internet. You can also take photos or record video and send them instantly to your inbox in the workspace. Finally, this application can convert any physical document, business card, or receipt into digital form using advanced text scanning capabilities. Delete all the paper clutter and store all your documents in a safe place.

‎Tana Capture

5- Application Blackmagic Camera

From iPhoneIslam.com, two iPhones show a captivating video of a skier and snowboarder in action.

Believe me, these treasures that we share with you in the options of the week will not be found anywhere else. This free application is one of these treasures, as it turns your phone into a real movie camera. You can adjust settings such as frame rate, shutter angle, white balance and ISO with just one click. The best part is that you can record directly to Blackmagic Cloud in very high quality up to 4K! So, if you have a project at school or just want to make great videos for TikTok or YouTube, this app will help you add a professional, cinematic feel to your movies. Best of all, it supports the latest iPhone 15 features and enables you to shoot in log format. (This application is dedicated to the brother who asked in the comments about an application that does this task. We do not forget any request you make)

Blackmagic Camera

6- Application MLC Chat

From iPhoneIslam.com, two screenshots of an iPhone message including the useful "Choices" app from iPhoneIslam.

This application is only for technology professionals (Geek). If you are an ordinary user who does not know what LLM is and does not know what the OpenSource LLM Model means, ignore this application completely. But if you are a professional, let us celebrate this application together, because now you can try any artificial intelligence model. It is open source on your device. Yes, I know that the sizes of these models may exceed 5 GB by far, but my friend, you are testing the model on an iPhone, and this is a wonderful development. Everything can be run locally without support from the server, and what is better is that it works even without... Internet connection and does not record any information. This application is part of the open source MLC LLM project, which allows any language model to run on a variety of devices.

MLC Chat

7- game Lost-in-Play

This game is one of the most fun games I have played. Of course, I only played the free part, but I'm seriously considering buying it in full; Because she really deserves it. The game will take you on an amazing journey with a brother and sister to return home! You will solve puzzles, escape from monsters, meet funny creatures, and you will also enjoy diving into a fantasy world where you can wander through an enchanted forest and help a team of frogs. This game, with its graphics and direction, is a great and exciting work and is worth a try. Graphics in the style of the beloved cartoon we all have from childhood. Exciting adventures make this game a great example to enjoy with the family.

‎Lost in Play

Please don't just say thank you. Try the applications and tell us which one is better in the comments. You should also know that by downloading the applications you support the developers, and thus they produce better applications for you and your children. Thus, the application industry thrives.

* And do not forget this special application

Voice-Over AI | Text To Speech

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