All indicators confirm that 2024 will not be easy for Apple! During the recent period, Apple has been facing many problems and challenges that affect all sectors of its business. For example, Apple's sales in China declined significantly, after which we were surprised that Masimo filed accusations against Apple of violating the patent for the feature of measuring oxygen in the blood. Add to that Apple's delay in... Developing Generative AI technology. In addition to all of this, Microsoft replaced Apple as the most expensive company in the world after Apple dominated this rank for many years. Why is all this happening? How can Apple overcome all these challenges? Here are all the details in the following paragraphs.

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What challenges faces Apple in 2024?

Despite Apple's successive successes over the past years, Apple has some problems that threaten these successes. The most prominent of these problems is that it is no longer the most expensive company in the world. Some were surprised that Microsoft came first, followed by Apple. But others described it as a logical thing, and that Microsoft was able to do this; Due to its interest in and reliance on developing Generative AI. It is worth noting that Apple has not yet entered into it forcefully, or made any significant progress in it.

In the same context, David McQueen, an analyst at ABI Research, indicated that Apple is able to solve most of its problems this year. This was justified by the fact that Apple still has a large base of loyal customers to its brand. This is enough, in addition to hard work, to overcome all its problems and regain its position among international companies again.

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Apple's sales deteriorate in the Chinese market

The problem of the deterioration of Apple's sales in China is one of the most important challenges that Apple faces at the present time. This is because the China market is the second largest economy in the world and the source of 20% of Apple's total sales. Any decline in Apple's sales from this market is a disaster. Indeed, reports indicated that iPhone sales declined by 30% during just the first week of 2024.

Therefore, Apple has recently focused on offering offers and discounts in order to win new customers. This is done by reducing the price of smartphones to approximately $70. Not only that, Apple also reduced the prices of its devices, such as the Mac and iPad.

Let us not forget that one of the reasons for the decline in Apple’s sales in China is the new Huawei phone “Mate 60 Pro”. Dan Ives, an analyst at the Wedbush market research company, also confirmed that nearly 100 million iPhones are about to upgrade to the new Huawei phone.

Masimo's accusations against the Apple smart watch

We all know that the Apple smart watch is one of the most popular products around the world. But Apple was forced to ban its sale in the United States of America, until the dispute in the patent case filed by Masimo was resolved. The latest development in the case is that the US Federal Court of Appeals has re-imposed the ban on some luxury versions of Apple Watches. All of Apple's appeals against the official decisions were to no avail, and it was prevented from importing watches such as the Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. By all standards, this issue affects Apple's sales, as reports indicate that Apple sold approximately 26 million smart watches in the past nine months. Months from 2023.

In the same context, Jitesh Ubrani, director of research at the market research company IDC, pointed out that it is not only sales that have been affected by the dispute with Massimo. Rather, Apple's reputation has come into question. He stressed that if the issue does not develop or a solution that suits all parties is reached, Apple must reach an appropriate amicable solution with Masimo. But Apple did not want that, so as not to be proven to have violated a patent, and then came back to apologize.

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Decrease in sales compared to last year

Apple faces many pressures that it is trying to overcome. Among these pressures is that it is trying to increase the sales of all its products. It is worth noting that Apple recorded a significant decline in sales last November compared to November 2022. Sales statistics indicate that Apple is facing difficulty selling Mac and iPad devices. But all of this does not apply to iPhone sales revenues, which rose by 3% and generated $43.8 billion.

In addition to all of this, Barclays Bank reduced the value of Apple shares this month for two reasons. The first is the weak sales of the iPhone 15 in China. The other reason is the decline in demand for the upcoming iPhone 16 during this year.

But despite all of this, Apple is presenting a new challenge related to... With Vision Pro glasses. Through which Apple is trying to prove that the device provides an experience that blends virtual reality and augmented reality. The selling process will certainly not be easy, although the device is new and innovative, it is expensive.

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What do you think of the challenges facing Apple in 2024? When do you expect Apple to overcome it? Tell us in the comments.



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