A sudden change in Apple's plans for its electric car! After Apple decided to Bringing the Apple Car project back to life. Apple has made the decision to reduce its ambition and reduce the self-driving features of its electric car, all in order to be able to launch it in the coming year 2028. The question that arises here is: Why did Apple decide to do this? What challenges does Apple face in order to change its intentions?

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Apple will reduce self-driving features in its electric car

Initially, Apple began a project called “Titan” in 2015. It is a self-driving electric car without a steering wheel. Certainly, the project would have constituted a major breakthrough in the field of the electric car industry. Although Apple has been developing Project Titan for at least ten years, its project has collided with reality, and there is no clear way to implement the project.

Therefore, Apple decided to lower its ambitions and move towards producing an electric car with moderate capabilities and few features. Instead of producing a Level 4 self-driving car, Apple will design a Level 2 self-driving car, which is similar to Tesla's current Autopilot system.

In the same context, the company began to focus on adding some features that help the car driver, as Tesla does. In other words, Apple will provide us with a car that operates with the Level 2 system, which is one of the levels of self-driving that supports steering, braking, or acceleration. But in all cases, the driver will be the main controller, and he must pay attention to the driving and the road to make decisions.

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A new date for the launch of the Apple electric car

After all these problems and challenges facing Apple, the official launch date for its smart car was modified to be in 2028 instead of 2026. Apple postponed the official launch date, in order to have more time to improve the system by updating the software for its electric car.

Reports also indicated that Apple officials are examining the feasibility of implementing the Titan project. For them, the matter is clear: either you find a clear plan and a workable model, or the idea is abandoned altogether.

It is worth noting that Apple's project did not gain everyone's trust as usual. Some sources even indicate that Apple employees themselves do not trust the company's capabilities in implementing an electric car, and that the proposed plans have received great criticism from them, and some claim that they are merely a blind imitation of competing companies.

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Do you think that Apple is capable of implementing the Titan project and turning it into reality? Or will you just provide an operating system for cars that can be licensed by car manufacturers? Tell us in the comments.



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