My friend, you pay a lot for Apple devices, and one of the reasons that make you buy Apple devices is the distinguished service in technical support, so why not resort to them in every small and large matter? Why is it difficult to communicate with them, or because you do not speak English, or do not know how to communicate with them? It's simple, it's very easy, and in seconds you will find an Apple expert calling your phone and communicating with you to solve your problem.

From, a cartoon character who speaks Arabic and has difficulty communicating.


Open the Apple Support website

From, Some Apple devices are having trouble communicating after updating to N

You can choose the language from below, but what is required is to click on see all products to choose the product you want to support.


From, a screenshot of the Apple Store in Arabic, showing Apple devices (Apple devices).

We will choose the iPhone


From, a screenshot of the iPhone settings page in Arabic, with the Contact option displayed.

Apple wants to know which device issue you're having, select More


From, a screenshot of an iPhone's settings page in Arabic, which displays Apple devices and addresses connectivity issues.

Choose the topic closest to your problem, for example we will choose mail


From, a screen showing the purchase of Apple devices (Apple devices) in Syria.

Now just press follow


From, a screenshot of the Google account page in Arabic showing an issue on Apple devices.

So that Apple can help you better, you must enter the device’s serial number, and it is easy. You can go to iPhone settings, then General, then choose About the device.

From, contact Apple to resolve an issue with the Apple iPhone XS and

You will find the serial number, just click on it and choose copy, to copy it to memory and then paste it on the Apple support page.


From, a screen showing how to call an Arabic phone number for users who are having a problem with their Apple devices (Apple Device Problem) and are looking for a

After you enter the device's serial number, a page will appear for you with some solutions that may help solve your problem, but you can ignore all of this, go to the bottom of the page, and click Contact to have one of Apple's technical support agents contact you.

From, a screen showing the Apple ID login page in Arabic, with the communication feature.

Enter your contact information and click Continue. You will then immediately find, within minutes, a call coming from Apple.

some notes

  • If someone speaks to you in a language other than Arabic, tell him (I need someone who speaks Arabic) and he will work to refer you to someone who is fluent in Arabic, or he will speak to you in Arabic.
  • Follow the steps that we have put in this article carefully, do not log in, and do not do anything that we did not do in this article, until you reach the stage of contacting you.
  • We personally at iPhone Islam, when we need support, contact Apple, even if we know the solution to the problem, because this is our right, and because we may learn something new from Apple experts.
  • Apple has the capabilities to know the details of your device, things that help them with technical support more than anyone else.
  • No matter how simple your problem is, contact Apple, as this is your right.
Have you contacted Apple Support before? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments

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