Rescue stories still star her Apple smart watch It appears from time to time, and this time the watch was able, in two separate incidents, to save two people who suffered from heart problems, but thanks to the alerts issued by it, they received the necessary medical care in time to be saved. Let us learn about the two stories and how Tim Cook reacted after... Contact him.

From, Apple Watch ECG touch in front.

First story

From, A man's heart appears on the Apple smart watch.

In Wichita, Kansas, Michael Gallegos credits the Apple Watch his son Nick bought him. It helped save his life, and the story began when the Apple Watch detected an unusual heart rhythm while Michael was sleeping. Because of the health data sharing feature, his son received a notification that said his father's heart rate was below 40 beats per minute for more than 10 minutes.

The son immediately took his father to the emergency room, where doctors discovered an undiagnosed heart condition, performed surgery on Michael, and installed a pacemaker. Michael's health improved. He said that he was lucky because of the Apple smart watch that his son gave him as a gift, and without it, it might have been too late and he might have died while sleeping.

In gratitude for what happened, Michael's son sent an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook to tell him the story and what the Apple smart watch had done, and Cook responded only a few hours later, writing him the following message:

Hi Nick,

I'm very happy; Because your father received the medical care he needed. Thank you so much for sharing his story with us.

Please give him my regards

second story

From, A man sits on a sofa in the living room, looking at his Apple smart watch.

The next story was in Asheville, North Carolina, where 61-year-old Christopher O'Kelly had a minor heart attack. When he decided to go to the doctor, the matter had settled and he returned home. But while sleeping, she got up Apple Watch Recording an acceleration of the heart rate between 121 and 151 beats per minute. Using the information provided by the watch, a few days later, doctors were able to use it to perform a double surgery to save him from death.

Christopher decided to share his story with Tim Cook, so he emailed and wrote to him. He appreciates all the effort that Tim and his guys put in to provide a product that not only tells you time, but also saves your life.

Tim Cook's response was also quick, writing to him:

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm very happy; Because you received the necessary treatment.

Be your best.

In the end, the Apple smart watch has become an icon when it comes to saving the lives of others, as sensors and other health features play a vital role in detecting and alerting the user of any problem that may arise inside his body, which makes a big difference in increasing his chances of survival and receiving the necessary medical care. Before it's too late.

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