Apple does not want us to call the Vision Pro glasses virtual reality or augmented reality glasses. As it used to, it wants to be in a place far from the competition. It asks us to say “Spatial Computing” glasses, and we believe that this is its right. The Meta company’s glasses The most famous in this field (Quest 3) are augmented reality glasses, and we cannot compare the two devices, as there is a huge difference in technologies, and there will be a huge difference in applications, and there is also a difference in price that is not insignificant. So it's really not fair that the two devices are from the same category. For us, this is a new era and a huge change in the world of technology, and for a long time we have not had this euphoria and anticipation of what is coming from Apple. So let's unbox the future.

Apple sent its Vision Pro glasses to the most famous technical reviewers in the world. You may be wondering why it did not send you glasses, iPhone Islam, and here I will respond to you, even though Apple is undoubtedly aware of us, as we are the first site to talk about the iPhone in the entire Arab region. However, the glasses are exclusive to America, and it is illogical for Apple to send the glasses to anyone outside the United States. You should also know that Apple does not send gifts to anyone, and the reviewer is required to return the device to Apple after reviewing it.

And here you are, opening the box

This is a full review

We apologize. All the reviews are in English. In the end, Apple Glasses are currently a product for the American market, and it is expected to be launched in other countries soon. The important thing is: Are you interested in Apple Glasses, and do you think they constitute a successful product for Apple, and will this category of devices really change the world of technology? For the better? Tell us in the comments.

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