If you have IPhone 12 Or a newer model, you will have two ways through which you can charge your device, the first is wirelessly via a MagSafe charger and the second will be via a wired charger that is connected to the Lightning port. Of course you can choose wireless charging or regular charging and connect a charger to the Lightning port, but have you ever thought about using the two methods in The same time to charge the iPhone. Will your device charge faster or not? Are there any risks to the phone and battery? Continue reading this article until you know the answer.

iPhone charging

What will happen if you use the MagSafe charger and the charging cable at the same time? The answer is not what you expected and it will not charge IPhone Faster, and according to Apple, when using a MagSafe charger and connecting a cable through the Lightning port at the same time, this will cause the iPhone to choose wired charging and ignore wireless charging. You may wonder why the iPhone prefers wired charging, because the company has programmed the device. Always choose the fastest charging method, which will be via the Lightning port.

Is there any harm in charging the iPhone in both ways?

You're curious, and you want to try it out and wonder, is it safe to use a MagSafe charger and a charging cable at the same time? The answer is yes. Apple did not speak on its official website about any risks that may be exposed to it. IPhone If you do this, all I explained is that if the iPhone is connected to both a MagSafe charger and a charging cable via the Lightning port, the device will choose to charge via the Lightning connector. Perhaps the failure to warn users about this is due to the presence of a security system in the iPhone that automatically prevents Charge in two different ways simultaneously to protect the phone and battery; So you can try it yourself.

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