Apple is currently developing a prototype of a foldable iPhone. This will be a preparation to enter the foldable devices market and compete with companies such as Samsung. It started in 2018, and currently there are prototypes that Apple can rely on to provide the first foldable iPhone. The question here is, when will we see a foldable iPhone on the market? What challenges does Apple face? We will tell you everything in this article, God willing.

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Apple is working on prototypes of a foldable iPhone

Reports indicate that Apple is currently in discussions with some manufacturers in Asia. Apple also asked manufacturers to have iPhone components come in two different sizes. Reports confirm that Apple is open to canceling the project if the final product does not fit Apple's standards and policies.

In addition, Apple's designer team is working on creating a new design for the foldable iPhone, which is half the thickness of the phones currently designed by the company. This is so that the phone is not too thick when folded. Among the current suggestions is to integrate an external screen that can be seen and handled when the iPhone is folded. But practical reality makes these designs difficult to achieve. This is for several reasons, including the size of the battery and screen components.

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It is worth noting that Apple suspended the foldable phone project in 2020, in order to harness its efforts in developing the internal parts of the foldable iPad. Apple wants to provide A foldable iPad It is 7 or 8 inches in size and is similar to an iPad mini. Apple believes that foldable iPads need less stringent requirements than iPhones.

As for the challenges that Apple is trying to overcome now, it is finding a way to reduce the crease that appears in the middle of the screen after folding the device several times. This is normal in most devices. Apple is currently seeking to make the device completely flat to allow users to interact with the screen and draw on it using the Apple Pencil or Apple Pencil.

But so far, there are no reports confirming when we will see a foldable phone or foldable iPad. But we are not expected to see these devices before next 2025.

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What is Apple's motivation to offer a foldable phone or device?

There is no specific reason, but analysts indicate that the reason behind this is the cessation of Apple's sales growth, whether in iPhones or iPads, and there is no clear indication of their improvement. Moreover, Apple's sales in the Chinese market have deteriorated. Or perhaps the reason is that Apple wants to compete with Samsung and offer versions similar to the Galaxy Z Flip devices. But what is certain is that Apple will not be able to provide these devices until all its conditions and strict policy in manufacturing phones and iPads are met.

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