Did you use GPS?Find My) Before in order to track your iPhone or find out the location of AirTag? Most of us rely on location tracking to track one, two, or even three devices maximum. But have you ever wondered, how many items can a location network track with just one account? Read on to find out the answer, which may come as a surprise to many of you.

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Find My Network

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Apple launched the Find My location network about three years ago with the aim of helping its users track and locate their various items with ease. It can be said that the Find My network is a protected and encrypted network, which includes billions of Apple devices, which relies on secure Bluetooth technology to locate the lost device even when it is not connected to the package or to a Wi-Fi network. Then inform you of its nearest location, so that you will be able to find it quickly.

Number of items that can be tracked

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Many Apple users may not know this information, but since its launch in 2021, you have been able to pair up to 16 items in the Find My network. This means you can track and know the location of your AirTage, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and many other network-compatible devices and accessories from just one account.

But the matter did not stop there, as Apple doubled this number from 16 to 32 items that can be tracked through the location network. Surprisingly, the company has changed the number of items that can be tracked since iOS 16.

How items are counted in Find My

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As we said, the Find My network can track 32 items, but don't think that this is a large number. You will not reach it, as Apple has clarified that not all items are counted equally and some items may think they are one item. But they are counted as two and sometimes three items, and according to the company, the AirPods Max are counted as one item in the network. The first generation AirPods and AirPods Pro are counted as two items. While the second generation AirPods Pro, they are counted as three items, and apparently, the charging case as well as both headphones are counted separately to appear as three items.

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