Praise be to God and thanks to Him alone. Since we started, we have been trying to raise the standards and efficiency of Islamic applications. We are trying to be innovative, and to work to convey the message clearly. Islamic applications are not only useful, but also fun to use. Thanks to God, we were the first to develop Islamic applications for the iPhone, and we kept pace with every innovation offered by technology Let us harness it in the service of Islam and Muslims. Now it is the turn of Apple Glass. We do not want boring traditional applications. This is a new technology, and we must exploit it properly. So we made an amazing prayer times application. You probably won't feel its amazingness unless you try it yourself. But let us describe the experience to you.

From, 3D rendering of a living room with a TV, showing the functions of the prayer times (prayer) application (app)

Imagine with me the prayer application screen in front of you in your room, the icons that express that prayer times are a real sun in an atmosphere that expresses every prayer. Imagine with me the details when you approach these icons and see them in reality in front of you in three dimensions with amazing accuracy, and they are affected by the lighting around you, and they affect the atmosphere of your room. Even if you get close to it, you may feel the heat of the sun.

From, Description: An application that displays a 3D image of the Dome of Jerusalem with prayer times and Vision Pro glasses.

Imagine that you leave the prayer times on the wall in front of you, and continue your work or what you are doing on the glasses, so that the application does not hinder you from working, but is always with you so that you do not forget the prayer time.

From, a screenshot of an interactive screen showing the Vision Pro prayer times glasses app.

And when it is time to pray, you see everything around you has changed and you are in a different environment. In front of you is a mosque as if it were real, and the sound of the call to prayer comes from this new thing, and the sounds of the call to prayer are intertwined with different voices. The sound is all around you, and you think that you have actually moved to the most wonderful place in the world. You change. Your environment with the time of each prayer, to express this time. If it is Maghrib, you see the sunset and orange lighting, and if it is Isha, you see the stars around you.

From, The Dome of the Rock - Thumbnail screenshot showing the prayer times app and Vision Pro glasses.

The application enables you to change between virtual and augmented reality. Suppose you do not want to enter another environment, but at the same time you want to hear the call to prayer. Just change to augmented reality, and you will remain in your place and room, with wonderful effects and the surround sound of the call to prayer, and the words of the call to prayer appear in front of you.

From, a living room with a clock and a clock in Arabic.

A unique experience that cannot be described in words

When we talk about Apple Glasses, or its applications, words cannot describe the experience for you. No matter how much we try to explain to you, this oceanic world remains indescribable with words.

‎Immersive PrayerTimes
The application Available for free For a limited time, if you know someone who has glasses, send him this article, so he can get the application. Also, share your opinion with us. Do you have ideas for applications that we can develop on Apple Glass? Share with us in the comments

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