still Apple's war with security vulnerabilities Information thieves continue! In a new incident, Group IP revealed a new Trojan horse called “Gold Digger” that aims to steal data and bank accounts of iOS users. Not only that, but from IP Group, the hackers use artificial intelligence to create new images of the victim in order to facilitate the process of hacking and seizing bank accounts. Follow this article with us, and we will share all the details with you, God willing.

What is the Gold Digger Trojan?

Simply put, it is a Trojan horse or advanced hacking software that infects Android and iOS devices. It was designed by hackers from China, and aims to steal bank accounts, by stealing facial biometric data, phone messages and identity documents.


Gold Digger targets iOS users' data?

Initially, Gold Digger was a program designed to hack Android operating systems, but it was developed to attack iOS. It also poses a terrible danger to iPhone or iPad users because it collects all data related to facial recognition, short text messages (SMS), and identity documents.

This data is then used to create fake images of the victim with the help of artificial intelligence. He then uses these photos or videos to access bank accounts. Over time, the victim discovers that his accounts have been hacked.

So far, the IP firm confirms that the Trojan is targeting Apple users in Vietnam and Thailand. But the occurrence of these thefts in other parts of the world is inevitable, because the vulnerability is still under development.

How did the Trojan horse reach iPhones?

Initially, the Trojan was distributed through the Test Flight platform. This is because Apple allows developers to publish beta versions of their applications on the platform without review in the App Store. In addition, hackers rely on access to your Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile.

Therefore, all the hackers' role is to convince the victim to install the application on the phone from outside the application store. By then, they will have accessed most of the information on the phone and are able to use it.

What will Apple do to eliminate Gold Digger?

Until now, experts indicate that the latest version of iOS is vulnerable to hacking. Apple is currently fixing this problem after it was reported by IP Group. As users, we should avoid installing any applications from unofficial sources or under development.

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