Some users returned Apple Vision Pro glasses After purchasing them for $3500, the number has increased in the past few days according to reports, under various pretexts. Why did they return the glasses and what problems did they encounter? In this article, we uncover these problems.

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Many users are returning Apple Glass

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Based on several reports from various platforms and social media, there are many users who have returned the $3500 Apple Glasses in the past few days. Perhaps this return process is primarily due to Apple's return policy. When you purchase a new Apple product from one of its stores, you have only 14 days to return it for a full refund.

The Apple Vision Pro glasses were launched on February 2, so the grace period for returning the glasses has expired and has exceeded two weeks, if they were actually purchased on this date.

If someone decides the experience isn't perfect enough, they've reached a point where they either have to live with the annoying things they found in the glasses, give up the $3500, or give it back.

Reasons to return Apple Glass again

One of the most important reasons for returns for most users is the lack of comfort during use, while some users said that Vision Pro glasses cause them a headache, and others were upset by their heavy weight that is concentrated in the front of the head. Which makes using it for a long time a source of great inconvenience.

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When you spend the same amount of money as you would on Vision Pro, you will likely feel the need to use the glasses more often, to feel like your purchase is justified.

On top of complaints that it's too heavy, some users said it can cause dizziness and eye strain.

To be fair, these problems also exist in other virtual reality glasses of various types, especially among people who are new to this virtual world, as most of them complained of various problems, including dry eyes and redness.

But Vision Pro may exacerbate these problems, as people are likely to spend too long using it to get the most out of it, and this can result in many problems.

Parker Ortolani, director of product evaluation at The Verge technical website, said that wearing Apple Glass led to redness in his eyes, and he mentioned that other users complained of the same symptoms.

“Although they were as great to use as I had hoped, they were not comfortable to wear even for short periods of time,” says Ortolani, who returned the Apple Glass. Because of the weight and design of the belt.”

Other problems with Vision Pro glasses

The problems with Apple Glass are not limited to what we mentioned, as there is another common complaint, which is that it does not provide sufficient features when compared to the price.

One of the developers wrote on the social media platform Especially since developers spend an incredibly long time in front of devices.

Another problem that has been widely reported is the lack of targeted applications. Vision Pro has over 1000 apps so far, and there's no doubt it has some great features, but as many reviewers have pointed out, the majority of these programs are ported from the iPad's iPadOS system.

There are certainly some custom spatial apps and improvements made to make iPad software feel more interactive in mixed reality, but when people think of VR software, they imagine immersive epic games like Asgard's Wrath 2, fitness apps like Supernatural, or educational adventures. Like Out, but unfortunately, you won't find this on Apple Glass yet.

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Apple has no answer at all. You can find these apps on competing platforms, but for Apple, real competition takes time.

Therefore, all you get are iPad applications, and a question may come to mind, why not save this big price and just buy an iPad, or even an iPad Pro?

Since people have to make the decision to either keep the glasses or send them back for a refund, it's safest to assume that their issues will continue until the next Apple Glass launches or at least two generations after that until the product stabilizes and is perfect in every way.

It's difficult to say how the opinions of this group of early adopters will affect the future of Vision Pro as a technology product. But the report says that many people indicated that they might return to the device again when these issues are addressed and an improved version is released.

What is your assessment of this matter? Do you think that this reflects only individual cases, and that Apple's product is revolutionary and offers really great technologies? And that in the coming days, Apple will release more advanced versions, taking into account everyone’s comfort? Tell us what you think in the comments.



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