it became Vision Pro Now available in the market for all users in America. Of course, many will try spatial computing and the wonderful features and many applications with the glasses. But we would like to say to everyone who bought the Apple Vision Pro, do not try to lose the glasses, and do not use them in public places, so that they are not stolen from you. If that happens, you will regret it very much. Because this means that you have just lost $3500, and you will not be able to recover this amount forever, unlike other Apple devices, which still have hope of recovering them even if they are stolen.

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Apple Vision Pro glasses

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In a new support document published by Apple, the company confirmed that the location of its Vision Pro glasses cannot be viewed in the Find My app or even on Therefore, you will not be able to search for or locate the Vision Pro when it is stolen, nor will you be able to play sound so that it knows where it is when you are nearby. In addition, Apple does not currently offer a warranty plan (Apple Care Plus) for its latest products in cases such as theft and loss.

What is most surprising is that among the features offered by the Find My service, it supports Apple Glass VisionPro Activation Lock only, which prevents anyone other than you from using your iPhone or iPad if it is stolen or lost. So, when your Apple Vision Pro is stolen, or lost, you'll be able to turn on Activation Lock, which will ensure that a thief can't erase or reactivate your glasses unless they know your Apple ID password or passcode.

According to Apple, “When Find My is turned on, you protect your Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset with Activation Lock. But you can't use another Apple device or the web to locate the glasses on a map. You will also not be able to play a sound to help find it, activate lost mode, or even erase it remotely.

How to protect Vision Pro glasses?

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So far there's no clear reason why the Vision Pro doesn't support Find My, but it may be because it lacks a built-in battery and GPS. Therefore, one of the proposed solutions is to protect the Apple Vision Pro glasses from theft or loss, until the company fixes this problem in the future. It is the purchase of one of the accessories announced by Apple Vision Pro Travel Bag, Which is priced at $199. Plus, purchase a $29 AirTag tracking device to put in your bag to help you locate the $3500 glasses.

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 Finally, while many people will use the Vision Pro at home primarily as an entertainment device. This will significantly reduce the risk of them being stolen, but Apple is already promoting the use of its glasses on the plane and other places away from home. Some have already begun to roam the streets and metro stations, wearing the Apple Vision Pro. Therefore, there will be thefts, as thieves will focus in the coming period on stealing Vision Pro in public places due to its high price.

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