do you remember Apple project to introduce a foldable iPhone? It is clear that this dream takes a lot of time to come true. According to what was reported by Chinese media, Apple has decided to sign a project to develop the foldable iPhone. This is due to the failure of its suppliers' screens to pass Apple's standards and tests. Here are all the details in the following paragraphs, God willing.

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Apple stops the foldable iPhone development project

Initially, Apple was in discussions with some suppliers from Asia. Apple has also been conducting tests and research on this project since 2016. One of the most important suppliers that Apple relies on to manufacture screens for the foldable iPhone is Samsung.

But during the past hours, reports indicated that the screens that Apple received from Samsung were broken after a few days of testing! This is what raised the idea of ​​postponing the project until Apple provides new screens that can withstand and comply with its strict standards.

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It is worth noting that Apple was working on prototypes for two foldable iPhones after a long period of research and development in this market. This proves Apple's seriousness in entering this market, because it is a strong way to develop its sales and increase its growth.

But Apple's models can be folded widthwise, not lengthwise, and Apple does not intend to release these phones in the coming year 2024 or 2025. Until now, there is no clear indication of the extent to which Apple's ideas have been achieved and applied in harmony with its strict standards and extremely difficult tests. All expectations indicate that Apple will launch a foldable iPad with a 7- or 8-inch screen as an alternative to the iPad mini.

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What are the reasons for delaying the introduction of a foldable iPhone?

In simple terms, there are three main problems facing Apple. The first problem is that all the screens that Apple received from suppliers did not withstand durability tests. This is something that cannot be disputed.

The second problem facing Apple is that it does not compromise on its standards. She would rather cancel the project altogether than provide a defective phone that would anger its users.

Finally, despite Apple's five-year research into foldable devices, it only has prototypes of foldable devices. It does not have a complete project in front of it through which it can provide a phone capable of competing with foldable phones such as Samsung and Huawei phones. Therefore, Apple's decision to temporarily stop developing its project is considered a wise decision.

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What do you think about stopping Apple's project to provide a foldable iPhone? Do you expect this to be the finality of the project forever? Tell us in the comments



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