As we know battery is not the best thing in IPhone Compared to Android phones, however, the integration between hardware and software in the iPhone fills that gap through energy efficiency, balanced performance, and important features, but it seems that Apple has decided to bring a happy surprise to its users, as the iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to contain The battery is the largest of any previous iPhone.

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IPhone 16 Pro Max

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In a report published by the Korean Naver blog, it was indicated that the iPhone 16 Pro models will have a larger screen than the current models, as it will come. IPhone 16 Pro With a 6.3-inch screen instead of the 6.1-inch screen found in the iPhone 15 Pro, the iPhone 16 Pro Max screen will also be 6.9 inches instead of 6.7 inches in the previous version.

To house a larger screen, iPhone models will have a larger, redesigned chassis. With more space available inside, Apple decided to exploit that space by adding a 5% larger battery. The report indicates that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will come with a battery that will be the longest in all versions of the iPhone. Currently, the iPhone’s battery capacity is - iPhone 15 Pro Max, 4422 mAh, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max battery will have a capacity of 4676 mAh.

iPhone 16 Pro battery

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While larger capacity is vital for longer battery life, the report stated that the internal components of the 2024 iPhone Pro series have been developed in order to improve power consumption, and so through new features to improve charging consumption, advanced components and a larger battery, the iPhone will be -The iPhone 16 Pro Max is able to provide the best battery life compared to any previous version. The battery life may extend to more than 30 hours (compared to 29 hours in the iPhone 15 Pro Max and 26 hours in the iPhone 15 Plus).

Aside from battery life, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will also come with upgraded camera sensors and a new capture button. The capture button will be directed towards video-related camera functions. Apple intends to adopt the 5x quad-prism telephoto camera, which was first introduced last year with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Other details also include the continuation of the iPhone 16 Pro models with 8 GB memory, and that Apple has apparently improved the manufacturing process of the device’s titanium frame while reducing costs.

Finally, note that the development process for the iPhone 16 series is still at an early stage, and Apple can change its plans at any time, so we will have to wait until the expected launch conference in September 2024, and Bin Sami, God willing, will prepare a comprehensive article about everything. It will be unveiled during the upcoming Apple event.

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