One of Tim Cook's traditions, which he has been keen on for some time, is to appear to everyone and be photographed using or wearing Apple devices, especially during conferences and important events for the company, but the matter was different for him. apple vision pro Since its unveiling at WWDC 2023 until now, Cook has been keen not to wear the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, but finally, after a long wait, Tim Cook appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, wearing the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality glasses. Let’s take a look at it. An interview with Tim Cook and some opinions about the experience of a number of Hollywood directors and their impressions of the Apple Vision Pro, and how Cook bet on his history and achievements in order to launch a new product category before he passed away.

From, Tim Cook shows off the Apple Vision Pro headphones.

Tim Cook and Vision Pro

From, A man wearing Apple Vision Pro goggles experiences an incredible virtual reality using the extraordinary technological marvel of digital fentanyl.

Vision Pro emerges as Apple's pioneering VR dream, embodying what Tim Cook calls “tomorrow's technology with you today.” Mixed reality glasses are not limited to providing immersive experiences; It's about enhancing the way we interact with technology and with each other. Despite its hefty price tag, Cook believes the Vision Pro's advanced features and capabilities justify the high cost, offering a magical combination of innovation and cutting-edge technology. Cook explained that the Vision Pro is a testament to Apple's innovation, and he also explained the enormous effort made to provide these glasses, from recognizing hand gestures to mapping the room, all supported by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. All of this confirms Apple's distinctive vision of creating a product that transcends the boundaries of traditional technology.

A technological marvel

From, A man wearing Apple Vision Pro glasses looks at another man.

Cook sees the Vision Pro glasses being used in many different ways; Because it gave us spatial computing, similar to the iPhone, which introduced us to mobile computing, and the Mac, which gave us personal computing, and thus the Vision Pro will be the first spatial computer, and through it people will interact with it in many ways, through which people will communicate via FaceTime. Some people will train on it like surgeons, and with over a million applications, we will see different uses. As for James Cameron, the famous film producer and director who directed films such as Titanic and Avatar, when he was asked about the Apple Vision Pro after trying it out, he said, “Although I was skeptical at first, I am really impressed.” The famous actor, screenwriter and director, Jon Favreau, also expressed similar sentiments, as he explained how fascinated he was with this revolutionary technology and what it will do for storytelling and films. In addition, every technologist, technology geek, or fan of the iPhone maker who tried the Apple Vision Pro glasses, was of the opinion that it is... A breakthrough in technology, or as some call it, a technological marvel, will change the way we interact with everyone.

Price and market

From, Apple Vision Pro displayed on a black background.

Apple Vision Pro enters the market as one of the most expensive mixed reality glasses currently available. However, Cook suggests that the value it offers could make it a worthwhile investment for many, with different payment options being considered to make it more accessible over time. The focus on maintaining human connection, despite digital immersion, is an important design aspect that sets the Vision Pro apart from competing eyewear.

From, Two men sit in a living room and wave while using Apple Vision Pro.

The launch of Vision Pro represents more than just a new product; It indicates Apple's leap into the future where technology is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. The high price of the device and the necessity of connecting it to a power source are potential barriers to its widespread adoption. However, its innovative features, such as the ability to project the user's eyes onto the outside world, place it at the forefront of the mixed reality market.

Although initial sales projections indicate that Vision Pro may not significantly impact Apple's immediate revenues, the focus remains on the long-term potential of this technology to redefine user experiences. Apple Glass could be the company's most important product in the coming years. That's why analysts expect Vision Pro glasses to represent a pivotal moment in the technology industry, as virtual reality blends with the real world. Thanks to the advanced technologies provided by the glasses, they are expected to revolutionize how we interact with digital content.

Although the price of Vision Pro glasses seems high, the competition from glasses closest to the Apple Glasses category sometimes reaches double this despite the fact that what Apple Glasses offer may be many times more advanced than its closest competitor.

From, comparing Hololens 2 features and improvements with Hololens 1.

Huge diving goggles

If there is a complaint from users about the Apple Vision Pro, it has to do with the weight, as it weighs about 650 grams, and although it is not a big thing compared to the Meta Quest Pro glasses, which weigh 722 grams, it will be difficult when you wear the Apple Vision Pro all day. On your face. That's why Carolina (a pioneer in the field of virtual reality) said that the way the glasses are placed on your face really affects how you respond, and she added, "I have worked in the field of virtual reality for more than 30 years, and until we can remove the diving glasses from the face, and make them less... However, this technology will not be widely adopted.

Finally, the price of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality glasses starts at $3499 and has been launched currently for users in the United States, and Apple is scheduled to launch it in more countries later this year 2024.

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