Everyone is waiting for the annual update from Apple! Especially since all the news and indicators confirm that Apple is preparing many features and surprises for its users. This will be Apple's response to the criticism it has been subjected to, such as that it did not add much in previous upgrades to iOS 17. The question here is? What does Apple bring us? Why is iOS 18 called the largest in the history of Apple's operating systems? We will share the details with you in this article, God willing.

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What are Apple gifts in iOS 18?

It is expected that the official announcement of iOS 18 will be made during the Apple Developers Conference “WWDC 2024”. Which will be held at the end of next May, or the first of June at the latest. After that, the system will be released in a beta version for developers. We have to wait until next September, God willing.

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Providing features powered by artificial intelligence was not a luxury for Apple!

Apple's sudden interest in artificial intelligence is not a surprise or a breakthrough at all! The news confirmed that Apple was surprised by the rapid rise of new artificial intelligence tools such as Google Bard and Microsoft Copilot. Therefore, Apple had to introduce new features supported by artificial intelligence, which has become the talk of the world now. You can learn about the challenges that Apple faces in 2024 here.

From iPhoneIslam.com The upcoming iOS updates, from iOS 11 to iOS 16, bring a wide range of exciting new features and improvements. These include advances in artificial intelligence and support for smart features

What features will be supported by artificial intelligence in iOS 18?

Apple will devote its efforts to making artificial intelligence a personal assistant for users. For example:

  • The Siri voice assistant will be smarter and able to perform more complex tasks than before.
  • The evolution of intelligent messaging: Apple will integrate artificial intelligence into its messaging app. Where he can respond to traditional messages or complete any sentences you want to write.
  • Apple Music app: Apple is expected to prepare artificial intelligence to be able to create playlists that suit your taste.
  • All of this is different from the uses of generative artificial intelligence in applications such as iWork, such as Keynote and Pages.
  • As for programmers, artificial intelligence will help them write application codes faster through Xcode.

But we have to tell you that all these features will not be integrated by Apple at once. Rather, Apple will include it gradually.

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iPhone will support RCS in iOS 18

Apple announced that its phones will support the RCS feature with iOS 18. This is to replace SMS text messaging services, or MMS. In addition, Apple will add some features to the iMessage application, and communication with Android users will become much easier. However, Apple stated that the RCS feature will be officially available next year, but it may include part of the feature in the new system.

With RCS messaging, you will be able to send texts, images, voice messages, or even video clips in high quality and large sizes. In addition, the feature supports sending emojis and animated graphics.

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Everyone inside Apple is excited, and all reports and sources indicate that iOS 18 will be a new breakthrough from Apple. Apple's plans are expected to change over the next seven months, as it integrates new features or develops existing features. Or it could announce new features that will be released with iOS 18.1 and iOS 18.2 updates.

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What features would you like to see in iOS 18? Do you think that Apple is able to catch up with competing companies in the field of artificial intelligence? Tell us in the comments.



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