New surprises appear in the latest beta version of the WhatsApp application. Currently, WhatsApp is testing a new feature for users, which is adding contacts to favorites. Through the new WhatsApp feature, you will be able to choose your favorite contacts to appear at the top of the call log. Follow along with us and we will explain to you the details about the new feature and how you can set it up and use it when it is officially released.

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What is the feature of adding contacts to favorites on WhatsApp?

A new gift from WhatsApp for iOS users. Through its latest beta update (version, WhatsApp added the feature of adding contacts to favorites. This will give you access to the people you have added to your favorites list on the app. This will save you time and make accessing them easier.

But what you need to know is that the new feature is now under development in the beta version of the application. It is expected that we will see it officially through the final versions of the WhatsApp application.

In the same context, the new feature is not the first for WhatsApp users in the calls section. Rather, the WhatsApp platform launched Silence unknown callers feature، The feature of showing the user name instead of the phone number وVoice chat in large groups.

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How does the Add Contacts to Favorites feature work?

  • When WhatsApp officially releases the feature, you will be able to choose a number of your favorite contacts, with whom you communicate through the application on an ongoing basis.
  • The app will show you contacts at the top of the calls tab for easy access.
  • WhatsApp designed the feature in this way to save you from making calls to your family or friends with the click of a button and without searching the call logs.

Add for your information that the new WhatsApp feature is only linked to the calls section in the WhatsApp application interface. It has nothing to do with messages or conversations. In addition, WhatsApp offers a similar feature, which is pinning conversations to display chats with contacts at the top of the chats tab.

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