Apple intends to implement additional amendments in European Union countries, allowing developers to submit their applications directly through a web page. This feature is known as “Web Distribution” and will be available in the next update. This provides developers with an important alternative means to publish their applications within European Union markets, bypassing the necessity of having an application store, provided that they agree to comply with Apple’s guidelines, which are considered “very strict.” What are the strict conditions that Apple has imposed for downloading applications from websites directly and without their presence in an alternative store? ?

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Although Apple has now allowed access to third-party applications on the iOS system through direct download from a website, strict security measures are still in place, and developers must adhere to them, like all iOS applications. Furthermore, apps can only be installed through a website domain registered by the developer in App S

This means that the developer must register his site and have it approved by Apple, and then he can make the user download his application only from him

Installing applications from the developer's website on the iPhone within the European Union will not be an easy process.

  • Users must first authorize the developer to install apps through their iPhone settings.
  • During the installation process, a window will appear displaying the information that the developer has sent to Apple for review, including the app name, developer name, app description, screenshots, and app rating.

This ensures transparency and user awareness during the installation process.

Apple will not allow developers to freely distribute apps across the web without supervision, only based on specific standards and ongoing requirements designed to protect users. In order for developers to be eligible for this, they must be part of the Apple Developer Program and registered within the European Union.

In order for developers to be eligible to distribute apps on the web in the EU, they must meet several requirements set by Apple:

◉ Enroll in the Apple Developer Program as an organization registered in the European Union, or have a subsidiary registered there and listed on App Store Connect. The location associated with the legal entity must be listed in your Apple Developer account.

◉ You must be a trusted, active member with a track record of active participation in the Apple Developer Program for at least two years, and have an app that has achieved more than 1 million installs on iOS devices in the first year.

◉ Submit applications from the developer’s developer account only.

◉ Respond to communications from Apple, particularly regarding any fraudulent, harmful, or illegal conduct, or anything else that Apple believes affects users' safety, security, or privacy.

◉ Publish transparent data collection policies and give users ways to control them.

◉ Comply with applicable laws in the jurisdictions in which the developer operates, such as the Digital Services Act, the General Data Protection Regulation, and consumer protection laws.

◉ Take responsibility for handling government and other requests to remove apps.

These requirements ensure that developers comply with standards related to app distribution, user privacy, and legal obligations when distributing apps on the web in the EU.

The requirements set by Apple for distributing apps over the web in the EU may seem strict, and may pose challenges for small developers. Achieving more than one million initial installations in the previous year limits participation to major developers.

Therefore, Epic Games, despite its significant presence in the gaming industry, may face obstacles in meeting these requirements, especially if it did not achieve the specified number of installations within the European Union during the past year. However, it does not have a good track record with Apple due to long-term legal battles.

It should be noted that Epic Games is still seeking to launch its iOS game store in the European Union.

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Apple is loosening its grip on developers in the European Union through web distribution, allowing some to bypass app stores. From Apple's point of view, developers now have the freedom to design their own in-app purchasing experiences, and are not obligated to use Apple's templates, which could lead to increased sales and improved user experience for everyone.

What do you think of Apple's terms and strict method for making iOS apps available outside the App Store? Do you find it impossible? Or is it in the user's interest so that the iPhone does not turn into a device with data breaches and spy applications? Tell us in the comments


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